When time is of the essence – swift team ramp-up for a global software development company

The Client

Our client is the largest IT services company in Poland and one of the biggest in Central Eastern Europe.

  • IT 
  • PHP
17 months

Enlisting support

In 2018, our client worked on creating an entire online customer service experience platform for one of Poland’s leading energy providers.

To succeed in this endeavor, they needed to extend their development team and find professionals experienced in PHP. The work had to start soon, so they turned to us for assistance.

Rapid team expansion

When we embarked on the project, the kick-off deadline was fast approaching and the team was still understaffed. We knew we needed to act quickly and in an agile way, therefore, we adjusted our approach and decided to build a fully remote team.

We formed several recruitment groups in different locations and in less than a week, the first two PHP Developers joined the team. The first step was taken, but that was not enough.

We needed to speed up the process and help our client begin their project on time. We found three ways to approach this.

  1. We engaged a few experienced programmers from our Internal Mobility Program that allows us for fast project ramp-up. This accelerated the team building process and saved a lot of time on recruitment.
  2. We decided to run a constant onboarding process. As soon someone joined the team, they would start training immediately, and were ready to start working very quickly.
  3. We also shared knowledge about the client and their technology among the team members. Those developers who joined the project in its initial phase, soon became experts and were training new specialists.

Thanks to this agile approach, we saw tangible results quickly. In one month, the team was at full velocity. Two months later, our client had a whole new team and the project was well underway.

Collaborative success

Within 17 months, the new online customer service experience had welcomed its first users. Today, it’s one of the best-rated customer platforms in Poland.

The highlight for us was our client stating: “We couldn’t have done this project without your help”.

Thanks to our agile approach, not only did we build a dedicated team and saved the project, but we’ve also changed our partners skeptical opinion about IT outsourcing.

Currently, we’re running multiple projects together and our partnership is still growing.

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