Transforming modern lending through technological partnership

The Client

A major fintech company, publicly listed on NASDAQ, providing software for credit risk assessments.

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Since 2022

In the world of financial industry, a quiet revolution is underway. Established institutions are leveraging technology to transform their operations, while innovative startups are redefining what is possible.

There are more options than ever for managing finance, presenting an exciting yet challenging frontier. In this backdrop of change and opportunity, our client, a trailblazer in fintech, has carved out a unique niche.

Pioneering business lending

The company, founded in Israel and operating in the United States, stands at the forefront of the fintech revolution. They offer a credit risk analysis service, a game-changer for entrepreneurs worldwide. By simplifying access to credit and safeguarding lenders, they empower dreamers to turn their visions into reality.

The company has not only secured successful investment rounds but has also become a NASDAQ-listed entity. Their consistent year-over-year growth is a testament to their innovative approach and market impact.

With rapid growth and an expanding global footprint, the company faced a critical challenge: scaling their service to match their increasing client base. Their success had set high expectations, and meeting these demands required a strategic expansion of their capabilities and resources.

Strengthening core capabilities

Initially, the client’s strategy was straightforward: to expand the team to boost capacity. We began by integrating first team members into the core team, focusing on enhancing their main product. This cooperation quickly proved beneficial, leading to further expansion.

Our partnership was flourishing, and soon, we began working with the client’s data team. Here, the focus shifted to backend development and big data analytics. This growth represents an evolving depth and breadth in our partnership, with further expansion on the way.

Growing the partnership

Our role soon evolved beyond merely augmenting the client’s workforce. We became a strategic business partner, taking ownership of the features and projects we delivered. Our contributions were integral to the product’s journey from conception to production.

Critical to this partnership was the infusion of new skills and perspectives. Our team brought fresh insights and diverse knowledge, broadening the project’s scope. This collaboration allowed the client to push their ideas further, exploring new opportunities in fintech innovation.

Fostering successful cooperation

An important part of our engagement, necessary for successful cooperation, was integrating our development teams with the client’s R&D organization. A key focus was ensuring that our developers felt valued and recognized as essential contributors to the project.

We learned the importance of fostering the professional satisfaction of both our and the client’s specialists, aiming to maintain a high level of engagement and prevent any disconnect between the teams and management.

Our efforts aimed at reducing employee turnover and enhancing our collaboration with the client were centered around nurturing our engineers’ growth, both personally and professionally. This approach proved critical in maintaining a motivated team and expanding the scope of our partnership.

Innovating financial services

Our collaborative efforts led to several significant developments, allowing the client to enhance their product in several ways.

Real-time credit risk assessment

The client enlisted our support on their key product – a service that evaluates a potential borrower’s credit risk instantly. When a query is made, the server responds with credit offers tailored to the inquirer’s financial capacity.

The team works mostly in Python, leveraging the capabilities of the AWS cloud for greater reliability and stability. Tools like Coralogix are used to monitor platform performance.

Enhancing core system functionalities

We helped the company integrate new functions into the core system, such as connecting external data services. For instance, in car finance queries, the system now accesses car valuation data for more accurate financing offers.

This integration leverages AI/ML mechanisms, powered by the AWS cloud, for improved scoring assessments.

Major refactors and ecosystem improvements

As part of our cooperation, we also work on updating legacy code and implementing new architectural blueprints. These efforts ensured optimal performance of the solutions we developed.

We also enhance the service ecosystem, focusing on deployment, testing, external integration, and cross-team initiatives for overall solution improvement.

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Scaling new heights

The partnership between the client and our experts has been a journey marked by innovation, growth, and mutual success. By expanding their team with specialized talent and gaining a strategic business partner, they can scale their services efficiently and effectively. The developments and innovations introduced have not only enhanced their core offering but also paved the way for new opportunities.

Our client’s journey shows how strategic collaborations can transform challenges into victories. They are an inspiring example for other players in the industry, showcasing the potential of embracing technology and expert collaboration to reach new heights in the financial sector.

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