Simplifying financial data management with Azure

The Client

US-based fintech provider, specializing in post-trade operations.

  • Finance
  • Software 
  • React
  • Python
  • Microsoft Azure 
March - December 2023

Creating the next-gen trading experience

The company is an established fintech provider. Their flagship product is a dynamic operational platform designed for efficient financial workflow management, including allocation and trade matching.

This platform doubles as a central repository, consolidating and standardizing a range of transactional data, facilitating informed trading decisions for users.

Facing expansion, the company sought to evolve the platform, ensuring its readiness for upcoming challenges. The existing on-premises system required migration to the cloud or a hybrid environment, to improve speed, reliability, and scalability.

The solution also needed a visual update to improve user experience and simplify the complicated post-trade data management process. The updated solution also needed to handle diverse corner cases and efficiently process large volumes of data.

Transforming the financial platform

The cooperation started with a dedicated workshop that allowed us to learn about the existing solution in detail, define the precise requirements, and establish the best course of action for the client.

Our project team now works with the client on an extended MVP of the enhanced platform, focusing on the development of Position Management Systems Workflows. This functionality facilitates seamless processing of data within our client’s workflow platform, irrespective of format or financial product type. Key tasks include:

  • capturing transactional data,
  • structuring allocation instructions,
  • facilitating real-time or scheduled reconciliation from various data sources.

This reconciliation spans a wide spectrum of financial data, encompassing trades, items, cash, commissions, and balances.

Central to this transformation is migrating Python-based ETL pipelines for scalable automation. The interface is developed with React, and the solution is deployed on the Azure cloud. Prioritizing data security, we’re collaborating with a specialized partner company to ensure restricted access to sensitive data.

credit score application visualization

Elevating financial data management

Our solution revolutionizes how our client’s customers manage data-sharing, automating the entire workflow, granting users more time and flexibility to focus on their primary objectives.

The new cloud-based system delivers data within seconds, significantly outpacing the previous setup. This shift also reduced the capital expenditure associated with on-premises infrastructure, cutting down costs by 60%.

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