Revolutionizing debt recovery

The Client

An innovative, multinational brand in the financial sector.

  • Finance
  • Angular
  • Kubernetes
  • Rabbit
  • MassTransit
  • .Net
12 months

Optimizing operations for improved customer care

The client displayed a clear commitment to refining their operational effectiveness in debt recovery and enforcement proceedings. This dedication to staying at the forefront of technology and process enhancement motivated their collaboration with our team on a transformative project.

The company tackled the formidable task of automating critical customer-oriented processes. Among the 16 initially identified processes, the objective was to automate four pivotal procedures. As they were traditionally managed manually, accelerating them would significantly improve business operations.

Putting technology to work

With a robust tech stack at their disposal, the Scalo team took charge of development. This encompassed the strategic deployment of technologies such as .NET 6, Angular 15, Rabbit, MassTransit for data security, and Kubernetes for managing escalated data flows. The team’s profound expertise in these technologies proved instrumental in surmounting the challenge.

Reclaiming valuable time

The adoption of a wide technology stack, coupled with the ScrumBan methodology, led to a remarkable transformation. Automation within enforcement proceedings empowered the client to process 1000 documents in a mere 10 minutes, a monumental leap from the previous 17-hour manual process. This shift not only drastically elevated operational efficiency but also released valuable resources for more strategic and forward-thinking initiatives.

As a result of the project, the client’s customers can benefit from faster processing times, experiencing even better levels of service. At the same time, the client’s team can redirect their time and attention toward more demanding projects, further improving their services.

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