Testing of fraud detection software for banking

The Client

A multinational corporation specializing in IT solutions and services for various industries, e.g. finance, healthcare, telecommunications, and public administration.

  • Finance
  • IT 
  • Software 
  • Selenium
  • Java

Elevating fraud prevention

For an end-client in the banking industry, we worked on a fraud detection system. The goal was to provide a stable and reliable testing framework that would allow for testing REST APIs and the user interface. Our main role was to automate the testing process using Java, Selenium, and REST API.

Fortifying security through robust product testing

For this project, we created a testing framework that included a configured test engine that was validated using REST API queries. A daily CI/CD build in Jenkins was set to run at 7 am every day.

The testing database was continually updated, which gave it a high accuracy rate. Any errors were fixed in the process. The resulting testing framework was found to be adaptable to other initiatives, providing a reliable and easily deployable tool for quality assurance.

In addition to the testing framework, our team also worked on maintenance and conceptual work, including onboarding of a new intern into the team.

Streamlining software development

The testing framework was found to be effective and led to a significant improvement of the software. We are working on its further development, with plans to implement additional test classes and expand the testing database. In addition, our work made developer workflow easier, and led to a reduction in stress related to code errors.

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