Legaltech and fintech
.Net Core 6, SQL Server 2017, Angular 14, Xunit, Ninject, Hangfire, Automapper, Dapper, Gitlab, Kubernetes, SonarQube

The Client

The client is a Leader in the debt management market in Central Europe. Currently, the Group comprises several companies that offer a comprehensive, modern, and integrated package of services. 

The initial business requirement involved improving efficiency via automating one of the main business processes. Working with Scalo was the first time the client decided to work with an external software development team. The team extension model was chosen as the most appropriate for the needs. Scalo developers worked on the client’s side as a single team with an in-house team, including a software architect.

The Challenge

The project includes a system for handling legal business financing. The system is designed to increase the level of automation and scalability of management, monitor the course of the process, ensure the uniformity of the introduced effects in the entire area, and enable operation with the tools available on the market. The solution uses a machine learning mechanism—a monolithic project on SOA architecture. 

The Team

The team consists of Tech Lead/Architect, 3 Backend Developers, UI/UX Designer, Automation Tester, and Business Analyst. We used the agile methodology, project management, and additional internal mechanism on the Scalo side. 

The Effect

Due to the automation of the mentioned process, the client can process more than 1000 requests in 10 minutes, with a previous time of 1 request processed per minute.

Our development teams’ work and carefully designed project’s scope, significantly increased the level of automation and scalability of management, a better overview of the processes, and more transparent monitoring. Additional technical updates ensured seamless operation of the infrastructure in the future and the ability to add new functionalities on demand.

After delivering the main product, the client was satisfied with the quality and decided to prolong the cooperation. Currently, our developers work on various functionalities along with the in-house developers.

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