React, Mapbox, PostreSQL, Node.js, WebSocket, Open Layers, Rabbit, Kafka

The Client

The Client is responsible for providing air navigation services. They oversee the safe and efficient management of air traffic, including the control of aircraft movements in and out of airports, the provision of navigation and communication services, and the implementation of safety procedures to minimize the risk of accidents or incidents.

The Client’s organization supports the development of new technologies and systems to improve the overall efficiency of air traffic management.

Project Scope

The project aims to provide development services and technical support for a digital concept for coordinating BSP flights and managing requests and approvals for flights in the airspace. The software consists of proprietary operational solutions delivered by the government department and a system integrated with a mobile application.

The system is the primary source of aeronautical information and data, facilitating the coordination of BSP flights and providing information related to operators, their permissions, and drones. The system also can assess BSP flight requests if necessary. Its functionality includes digital BSP flight plans, enabling the electronic creation of missions performed beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) and within visual line of sight (VLOS) in accordance with applicable regulations, terrain conditions, and current airspace occupancy, operational restrictions, and weather.

Our role

Scalo developer’s roles involve working with the React library, Mapbox, and Open Layers to create the user interface for the system. The developers are responsible for designing and implementing the user interface, ensuring its responsiveness and usability across different devices, and working closely with other team members to integrate the front end with the back end of the system. The development team is also expected to work with WebSocket, Rabbit, and Kafka to facilitate communication between the frontend and the backend of the system, and with PostreSQL for data storage and retrieval.

The Effect

The cooperation between Scalo and the Client in the project has brought significant positive effects. By implementing the system, the coordination of BSP flights will become more efficient and streamlined while also ensuring compliance with aviation regulations. It results in increased safety, reduced operational costs, and more effective use of airspace.

Additionally, the system’s development and implementation provide both companies with valuable experience and expertise, which could lead to further opportunities for collaboration and innovation in the future.

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