Integration of advanced technologies for enhanced patient care

The Client

The client is a pioneering brand in telemedicine, operating from Switzerland. They are widely recognized for providing a comprehensive range of telemedical services through a unified platform.

With a dedicated team of doctors accessible via the app, telephone, video, and chat 24/7, the company is committed to delivering easily accessible healthcare solutions, promptly.

  • Healthcare
  • Angular
  • Xunit
  • Automapper
  • Scrum
  • .Net
  • C#
  • Microsoft Azure 
5 months

Levelling up patient care

Our client undertook a crucial task to upgrade their Quality Management System (QMS) platform. This required:

  • development of a dynamic web application for generating and managing medical questionnaires
  • development of a web API for seamless integration with mobile applications
  • establishment and oversight of clinical decision support rules (CDS).

The aim was to revolutionize patient care by providing patients with greater convenience, and equip healthcare professionals and researchers with tools for making well-informed clinical decisions.

Leveraging technology for better outcomes

Scalo built and managed a dedicated team under the Scalo Teams model, spearheaded by a Team Lead, comprising two full-stack Developers and one Software Tester. The chosen technology stack featured C#/.NET6 with Entity Framework, Angular, and Azure. This arsenal was complemented by pivotal tools like AutoMapper, FluentValidation, MediaR, C# scripting API, Moq, xUnit, and MSSQL to ensure peak performance.

The project adopted the Scrum methodology, structured into milestones with an initial plan of six sprints, ensuring transparent progress tracking and alignment with objectives.

patient care app visualization

The Client initiated a Proof of Concept (PoC) for a symptom checker tool, assessing its effectiveness for call center agents. Operating within the Scalo Teams framework, two full-stack developers successfully executed the project in approximately four weeks.

Leveraging the same technology stack as the QMS project, the team focused on streamlined execution, delivering the agreed scope within two and a half sprints.

Staying agile

With an expanded solution, the client can achieve rapid testing of their new customer offering, to determine its effectiveness and usability for patients. Through fast mobilization and quick PoC setup, the company is able to validate their ideas quickly, making fast advancements for patient benefit in the demanding field of healthcare.

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