At Scalo, we specialize in building modern .NET applications to help you achieve your business goals.  Take advantage of reliable technology to design powerful software. 
The .NET development platform is one of the fastest and most scalable technology currently available for various business purposes. It’s the first choice for companies looking for secure and efficient digital solutions. 
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Business challenges that can be solved using .NET and Microsoft technologies

Custom Business Domain 

When your business doesn’t match any software product available on the market and you need a partner that will help you design and build a bespoke solution tailored for your needs.

Software Migration and Legacy Transformation 

When your current’s software was built in a technology that is no longer supported. Or if your business have outgrown your solution’s original architecture.

Cloud Migration Services 

When you want to join the cloud revolution and need to migrate on-premises software supporting your business to the cloud.  

Legacy Software Support 

When your existing software is not yet obsolete and you need help to maintain it and develop new functionalities to support your operations.

Cloud-Native Solutions

When you expect to have pure cloud-based applications, easy to access and maintain, despite if your business is already well established or if you are just starting.

Product Integrations and Customizations  

When you are product company looking for Professional Services team to integrate your software with customer’s existing landscape or when you are an actual client of an predefined solution.

Microsoft Power BI and Data-Based Solutions 

When you have running business and need specialists to build your Management Information platform or when you are thinking about proper usage of data from the beginning of your operations.

Digital Decoupling and Microservices 

When your current solution is holding your business down through performance or development bottlenecks or when you plan from the beginning to build a software that will support rapid growth.

Why you should decide on .NET?

Security by Design Security by Design
Widely Used Widely Used
Open Source Open Source
Cross-platform Cross-platform
Ongoing support Ongoing support
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Top experts to match your goals with a .NET solution

We combine our .NET expertise with an in-depth view of client business and the challenges they face. This approach allows us to find the perfect match between the tech and business worlds.  


Grzegorz Wilczura, 
Head of Technology at Scalo
.NET Architect and Solutions Expert

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Custom .NET-based apps we deliver

ASP.NET Web Applications

Easy access – based on ASP.NET environment – software products to support different users and perfect to use in various context.

Cloud-Native Applications

Azure-based software build in the modern cloud to secure access, scalability and security.

Mobile Applications

Xamarin based apps for mobile purposes and perfect fit for main platforms: iOS and Android.

Desktop .NET Applications

Stable C# built solutions for business purposes available directly from desktop computers.

Low-Code Solutions

Software delivered fast and with minimum amount of code to shorten your time to market.

Our suggested .NET solution

Based on our vast experience, we recommend our clients efficient and time-tested way of developing apps using .NET technologies.



  • Microservices
  • Asynchronous Communication
  • Eventual Consistency


  • Ports and Adapters
  • CQRS



  • Optimized for Performance
  • Security by Desing
  • High Availability
  • Fault Tolerance
  • Quality built in the development process
  • Cost optimization


Work Ogranization:

  • Agile and Scrum
  • Documented Test Strategy

Delivery Approach:

  • Continous Integration
  • Continous Delivery
  • DevOps



  • Visual Studio
  • VS Code
  • Postman


  • Azure DevOps


Identity Management:

  • Federated Authentification


  • Azure
  • Docker
  • Kubernetes


Quality Assurance:

  • Acceptance Testing
  • Penetration Testing
  • Performance Testing


  • Stubs/Mocks

Cooperation Models

With a wide spectrum of service models, we approach each project individually. In every model of cooperation, we help our clients build quality software through a unique combination of technological excellence and dedicated talents. Our Consulting services are a pillar of this approach, especially designed to define the best working relationship for your business needs.

How we work

<strong>Consulting</strong><br />
Scalo Centre of Excellence members support Client in analysis of the business challenge and propose resolution paths.

Scalo Centre of Excellence members support Client in analysis of the business challenge and propose resolution paths.

<strong>Specialists</strong><br />
Scalo Consultants join Client’s team to fill competence gaps and increase delivery capacity.

Scalo Consultants join Client’s team to fill competence gaps and increase delivery capacity.

<strong>Teams</strong><br />
Scalo Teams take over specific business areas or technical components and deliver value based on agreed backlog.

Scalo Teams take over specific business areas or technical components and deliver value based on agreed backlog.

<strong>Bespoke Solutions</strong><br />
Scalo takes over full responsibility for fulfilling Client’s business need with technical solution.

Bespoke Solutions
Scalo takes over full responsibility for fulfilling Client’s business need with technical solution.

and what our clients say about us

They’re exceptionally hardworking. I don’t think we’ve worked with any team before with working hours like that. They clearly care about the product and it’s not just a job for them, so that has been amazing for us as well.

Change Donations
Lizzy Hayashida & William Conaghan
Co-Founder CEO & Co-Founder CFO

We know that Scalo (former NBC) is a good partner for companies which want to scale up their software development teams fast. They got great understanding of business needs, deliver experienced specialists, and know-how to build IT team in no time.

Katarzyna Wieczorek-Krasuska
Recruitment Manager

Project work carried out by Scalo (former NBC) specialists always meets the Bank’s expectations. We rate our cooperation with Scalo highly. We appreciate commitment, professional approach and quick response for any changes and our needs.

Adam Polkowski
Deputy director of the purchasing department

We evaluate our cooperation with Scalo (former NBC) as very professional and the services they provide are carried out properly. We appreciate the commitment, professional approach and high qualifications of specialists as well as quick response to the company needs.

Piotr Badura

Scalo’s (former NBC) dedicated specialists have successfully delivered expertise needed for developing systems in PHP and .NET technology (which are based on microservices architecture), alongside with SharePoint solutions. Above all NBC has proven that they are stable and reliable IT partner.

Idea Bank
Grzegorz Pędzisz
IT Governance Department Director

Involvement of  Scalo (former NBC) provides us with an instant access to the necessary technological competences and essential support for our projects. This allow us to deliver high quality solutions, that assist our clients in everyday work.

Robert Martin
Director of Software Development

Success Stories

Extraction of dedicated reporting microservice from monolith to provide live reporting for solution processing millions of requests daily


Company from data processing industry

Project Scope:

Dedicated team was assigned to maintain legacy reporting solution while at the same time design and implement new one.

Scalo Team in short period of time introduced performance enhancements that allowed existing system to run while at the same time began work at independent and scalable microservice-based module.  Isolated reporting schema was introduced and all data was migrated through asynchronous communication.

After all tables were synchronized separate database was introduced for better performance and through usage of eventual consistency approach new reporting solution was enabled without any downtime.

Business Challenge:

 Digital Decoupling and Microservices


solutions for global companies   Teams


Design and implementation of new, cloud-based version of sports events management platform


A global company from sports industry.

Project Scope:

After successful cooperation with Scalo in scope of existing, on-premise solution Client have asked us to run and R&D project to deliver a new product that will be available in SaaS model.
Scalo Team in cooperation with Client is designing and developing a scalable system based on Azure and Kubernetes. Software Architect and Project Manager on Scalo side ensure both technical excellence and on-time delivery.

Business challenge:

Cloud-Native Solutions




Operational Resources Management System for the EU Agency


EU security agency

Project Scope:

 Our team is creating a new version of a system for one of the major EU security agencies that plans and manages operational resources among all member states.  

 The application will make it possible to store information on available resources from member countries, plan and control the use of resources in operations, and summarize the actual use after the procedure. All EU member states will use it.   

  Scalo has five experienced .NET developers working in the Managed Capacity model who are one of the two distributed Scrum teams in the project. An additional two Scalo .NET developers are a part of the client’s team in the Staff Augmentation model. Due to security regulations, our team has also been verified, and security certificates have been granted.   

Business Challenge:

 Custom Business Domain


corporate business solutions  Specialists


Our .NET devs are waiting for new challenges. Are you ready?

Build a scalable and robust application with .Net technology. Learn more and request a consultation with Scalo’s experts! 

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