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Scalo: A Creator of Power Business Intelligence Solutions for Banking

Data is now a powerful force in the hands of any company. At Scalo, we know how to harness the potential hidden in the information your company obtains and collects every day.

Our business intelligence for banking solutions allows you to process vast amounts of datacombine and group it in different ways, as well as visualize and generate clear reports. The results of our tool help indicate the direction in which your bank should develop.

Business intelligence for banking from Scalo enables you to take a data-driven approach that will allow you to make more informed and accurate business decisions.

 The Ways We Can Help You in BI in Banking Deployment

The services of business intelligence in the banking industry provided by Scalo are a springboard to many data analysis benefits.

Find out how we can help you maximize the potential of the information you acquire:

BI Solutions Consulting

BI Solutions Consulting

Not sure which way will be the best to maximize your data potential? Scalo experts will present you with available options for BI in banking to help you choose the services perfect for your unique business needs.
Deployment of Business Intelligence for Banking in Your Company

Deployment of Business Intelligence for Banking in Your Company

Experience the power of detailed business intelligence for banking data reports immediately. The deployment of business intelligence solutions in your organization will be seamless to let your team members work smoothly on their daily tasks.
Data-driven Approach Workshops

Data-driven Approach Workshops

Do you want your employees to know how to efficiently use all available business intelligence options in banking sector reports? Our specialists will reveal to your employees the secrets of robust BI solutions to fully utilize their potential.
data integration

Internal Integration of Business Intelligence Systems

We will easily integrate business intelligence tools into your company's software ecosystem. Integration with your ERP and CRM systems will allow you to generate specialized reports that will help you learn more about your customers and deliver better services.

Various Data Migration to Business Intelligence Tool

Have you used similar tools before? We will smoothly migrate the data you worked on before to the new BI platform. It will allow you to continue working on your data without losing essential reports.
Let's Plan Your BI Implementation Project

From conception to execution, plan your ideal project with our team.

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Why choose Scalo

Here is Why Business Intelligence in Banking Data is for You

A customized solution for modern data processing in the banking sector is the perfect way to take advantage of the growing amount of information you collect while serving your customers. Business intelligence for banking efficiently integrates data from various sources and formats to generate powerful reports and visualizations to help you make business decisions.

The business intelligence tool processes data from different sources into consistent, reliable, and easily identifiable conclusions. Multi-layered protection covers all the information it works on, reducing the possibility of valuable resources falling into the wrong hands.

Using business intelligence services, you will begin to reap the benefits of your data and give your business direction in line with your customer’s expectations and needs.

 The Advantages of Implementing BI in the Banking Sector

Business intelligence tools are about more than just generating reports from large data sets.

Explore other significant benefits of business intelligence in the banking sector to see how positively it affects the whole banking industry.

Operational Efficiency

Forget about analyzing thousands of Excel files. The business intelligence tool can effortlessly merge the data from spreadsheets to receive enhanced business insights. You will notice significant financial and time savings in a short period.

Regulatory Compliance

ISO certification signifies our commitment to protecting banking industry customer data. You can trust Scalo's new business intelligence tool to protect your digital assets, ensuring security and compliance at every step.

Improved Decision Making

Scalo’s implementation of business intelligence for banking data solutions provides a consolidated data view and delivers actionable insights to help you make strategic decisions. The new business intelligence tool will help you reveal hidden trends to make crucial business choices.

Fraud Detection and Prevention

Scalo’s business intelligence tool identifies and assesses the risks more effectively. Based on historical data and predictive analytics, you can manage credit risks, detect fraud, and ensure regulation compliance.

Improved Reporting Capabilities

The business intelligence tool allows you to get an easy overview of data from various sources. You will get multidimensional information within one powerful report with a completely different perspective on your business.

Scalability of Growing Data Amounts

As your business grows and data volumes increase, you can easily expand the BI tool so it can handle more data. You can also easily integrate additional types of information to gain extra perspective.
The Scalo Approach for the BI Implementation Process 

Are you expecting end-to-end assistance in deploying business intelligence in the banking industry?

Discover the subsequent steps of our detailed approach to implementing a multitasking BI platform.

Requirements Analysis
In the first step, we discuss your needs and expectations regarding your future BI in banking solutions. After you show us your data resources and tell us about your company’s goals, we can make a first draft of the whole implementation process strategy.
In-depth Data Ecosystem Audit
In the second step of our cooperation, we analyze in detail how your company works on the data it acquires. The result of the in-depth analysis is a solution that will be a single product that allows you to process all types of data.
Solution Development
At this point, we already have everything in place to start working on the physical product. We are programming tools for integrated information retrieval, report generation, and taking care of data security.
Product Adjustments
Once the product is ready, we take care of the details affecting the seamless and enjoyable use of business intelligence in banking industry solutions. We customize the graphical elements and the user interface and set the specific metrics.
Reports Setting
This is when we carefully set the rules for generating reports from the data your company acquires. Now, you can access detailed conclusions to help you make business decisions.
Instructions for Users
Selected employees of your company with access to the BI in banking model need to be thoroughly introduced to the new tool. It is the time to learn all the functions, practice the procedures, and ask questions.

 Choose the Cooperation Model of the BI in Banking Development

When deciding to delegate the development of business intelligence for banking data to Scalo, you can choose one of the cooperation models most suitable for your current needs.

We will be equally committed to providing answers at consultations, offering staff support to your internal development team, and handling the creation of a dedicated solution from the beginning to the end.

Complete Solution Implementation
Complete Solution Implementation
Need a dedicated solution designed exclusively for you? Thanks to our rich experience working with banking sector companies, we will independently produce and implement BI in banking for you. We guarantee that you will receive a solution that integrates all the data that your business collects and turns it into specific leads to support its growth.
skilled professionals
Team Extension
If you are working on your BI product but feel significant staff shortages, you can outsource Scalo developers working on business intelligence in the banking sector. The fresh perspective and practical knowledge of our workers will improve the development of a comprehensive product for your company.
Consultation Meetings
Consultation Meetings
Need clarification on whether a BI platform will work for your business? By choosing to consult with the Scalo professionals, you will have the opportunity to ask all the questions you need to know the answers to before making a decision. We, on our part, will advise you on which implementation model will be best in your case.
Scalo Team

Why choose Scalo?

Are you looking for a professional partner who respects your business goals? At Scalo, we know the specific needs and objectives of any banking enterprise of any size. Our broad experience in deploying business intelligence in the banking industry allows us to face challenges side by side with companies providing financial services.

The Scalo seasoned team will provide holistic guidance and assistance during the entire cycle of BI in banking software development. They will do their best to make your business intelligence for banking data software a complete solution that integrates your data and helps you make crucial decisions that will transform your company.

Take the first step by contacting Scalo and unlock the potential of aggregated data that will empower your company to stay ahead of the competitors.

Personalized Attention to Your Project
Personalized Attention to Your Project
Personalized Attention to Your Project
Starts with a Conversation.

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