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SME Banking Software

Scalo: A Guarantee of Solid Foundations for SME Banking Software

Banking software for SMEs is a bow to smaller players in the market. Scalo builds dedicated software to intuitively manage banking. All-in-one solutions reduce costs, which is essential for smaller companies that must consider every expense. Adding SME banking software to your offerings will simplify the growth of local businesses, adding unique value to the market.

Specialize your approach to small and medium-sized enterprises and create a one-stop banking case management platform with Scalo SME banking software development.

Drive growth in your SME segment

Partner with us for top-tier banking solutions.

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 How Can our SME Banking Software Features Help You? 

Scalo custom SME banking software development revolutionizes banking operations management for small and medium-sized businesses.

A wide range of cutting-edge functionalities are designed to meet precise business requirements. See what issues you can handle for your clients by working with us:

Effortless SME Onboarding
Smart and contactless onboarding of new customers. Document upload, identity verification, and more can be handled from the SME banking software level.
Financial Products Customization
Ability to customize the SME banking software options to meet the company's needs and budget with the possibility of adding additional functionalities. Customization of the financial documents' appearance to make them compatible with the company's visual identity.
Invoicing and Payments automation
Instant creation of new invoices. Receiving notifications regarding due dates and automatically entering costs thanks to optical character recognition.
Mobile Banking Access
Managing company transactions is now possible with just a few clicks. Mobile banking allows business owners to control finances from any location.
SME-Specific Support Services
Making significant improvements in SME finance management systems. Support in enhancing the company's operations that help the business grow.
Integrated Customer Relationship Management
All customer information is available from a single platform. Easily view order fulfillment levels and payment terms. Collecting data that will help improve customer service.
Cloud-Based solution
Quick launch of new SME banking software development components and plugging them into existing infrastructure. Selection of pre-integrated cloud-based applications to keep pace with business needs.
Compliance and Regulatory Management
Elements of SME banking services are created following current regulations. Directives such as PSD2 are the standard in SME banking software development.
Cash Flow Monitoring & Reporting Tools
Easy management of company finances from a user-friendly dashboard. Maintenance of smooth cash flow by receiving up-to-date information on revenues and expenses.
Scalo Technologies Outsourcing

An In-Depth Insight into SME Banking Software

Scalo’s SME banking services lead to a digital banking platform for financial institutions serving small and medium-sized businesses. The one-stop banking platform ideally supports business owners in managing different account types, monitoring invoices, making payments, and consolidating balances.

The Scalo SME banking software supports all relevant functions related to financial areas. All data management work is based on self-administration capabilities. It leads to lower operating costs while controlling users and their permissions to access SME finances. Transaction banking is integrated into a single platform with cloud-based solutions. It allows you to create innovative services for SMEs and brings genuine value to your offering. Scalo solutions of banking for SMEs reliably protect the security of company funds.

 An Overview of Scalo SME Banking Software Solutions

Scalo combines all aspects of SME banking software development to create a full-service banking environment for small and medium-sized businesses:

Custom Development
Custom Development
Our team can produce banking software for SMEs from scratch. You can be sure that it will be fully customized to meet your needs. Skilled engineers and software architects in Scalo work closely with you to understand your business requirements. We customize the product step by step to create a bespoke software solution that perfectly suits your business demands.
Scalo banking software for SMEs relieves your business from building infrastructure on outdated and inefficient systems. Avoid falling into technology debt by relying on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning solutions. Modern technologies will automate mundane operations and improve efficiency.
Redesign the laborious migration process with SME banking software that simplifies the journey. Data and operations seamlessly migrate to secure cloud-based systems for increased availability and scalability. We pay close attention to detail and ensure that any disruption to operations is minimized.
UI UX design
UI/UX Design
The application's usability is as essential to us as its functionality. Scalo SME banking software features a self-explanatory user interface, providing a smooth and pleasant experience. When developing software, we focus on simplified operations based on intuitive UI. Clarity and ease of use are priorities so that your users are more likely to open the app frequently.
Quality Assurance
Quality Assurance
SME Banking solutions provided by Scalo are thoroughly tested to ensure they meet the highest quality and security standards. Our team members specialize in developing and implementing complex testing strategies for banking software solutions, including functional, integration, and security testing.
Our involvement in banking for SMEs does not end with software delivery. We provide maintenance and upgrades to keep your application up-to-date, reliable, and efficient. Our dedicated expert team ensures the software remains relevant, safe, and functional, allowing you to concentrate on other aspects of your business.
 Constructing your SME Banking Software from Scratch

Scalo’s SME banking software development process includes detailed steps,
delivering first-class tailored solutions customized to reach your business goals easily.

This process involves six essential stages:

Requirements refinement
We start with a conversation to discuss your needs and expectations. Together, we establish the most significant elements of banking software for SMEs with an eye to technical capabilities, your ideas, and the wishes of end users.
Scalo developers turn our arrangements into substantial banking for SME products. To do this, they use the latest tools and technologies that guarantee the ultimate performance and the ability to expand the system with additional features later.
Testers check the code and look for any weaknesses that could negatively affect the reliability, security, and user experience of SME banking software. We conduct unit, integration, and user acceptance tests to polish the finished product like a shining diamond.
Scalo experts smoothly deploy still-hot SME banking products without interrupting your company’s daily tasks. We check the new product compatibility with the environment, migrate data, and optimize performance. Your employees can also learn from us how to use the new tool and make the most of its capabilities.
Although we have closed the door behind us, there is more to come to our cooperation. We continuously monitor the SME banking software implemented in your company and proactively respond to deterioration in performance parameters. Your product is regularly adjusted to changing trends, regulatory requirements, and user suggestions.
Our support staff will immediately step in when there are problems with the functioning of the banking software for SMEs. We do everything to avoid downtime for your business and minimize negative user experience.

 Select the Most Suitable Strategy for SME Banking Software Development with Scalo

At Scalo, you will find the cooperation model that suits your necessities and budget limitations.

Whether you are planning a new project, need to expand your team, or seek specialized guidance in banking for SMEs,
we guarantee the perfect solution.

End-to-end SME Banking Software Development
End-to-end SME Banking Software Development
Your project will be under the wings of our seasoned team from initial brainstorming to final implementation. Scalo’s comprehensive approach is your assurance that you will receive a modern and effective solution that meets the needs of banking for SMEs.
skilled professionals
Team Enhancement
Expand your SME banking software development team with our skilled developers. They will integrate perfectly with your in-house team, bringing out-of-the-box ideas and know-how to accelerate your project.
Advisory Consultation
Advisory Consultation
Take advantage of Scalo's comprehensive expertise in SME banking software development. We work closely with you to understand your company's unique challenges and deliver personalized solutions to remedy them effectively.
Why Scalo

Why Choose Us?

At Scalo, we focus on establishing lasting partnerships and understanding the unique needs of our clients’ customers, specifically small and medium-sized enterprises. We recognize the challenges these SMEs face and their cautious approach to investments.

Our experienced team includes professionals with hands-on industry knowledge who can provide comprehensive support throughout the software development cycle. With their hard work, banking software for SMEs will be a complete tool that can be expanded with additional elements at any time at your request.

Get in touch with Scalo and become a company that will kickstart the growth of developing enterprises of small and medium size.

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Let's Talk About
Let's Talk About
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