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Digital Banking Software

Scalo: A Vendor of End-to-End Custom Digital Banking Software

Scalo is a leading provider of compelling digital banking that attracts, retains, and engages your dream customers.

Our component-based digital banking software built on cloud services provides the broadest range of capabilities, giving you an advantage in the digital world. You can compose the banking platform from multiple pre-integrated innovative services to achieve the loyalty of small, local businesses or large corporations.

Deepen the relationships with your customers by providing optimized financial operations that are equally user-friendly on any digital channel.

 Advanced Functionalities of Scalo Internet Banking Software

Scalo digital banking software development is a connection of all the following aspects
that result in a one-stop online banking ecosystem at any scale, from local businesses to international corporations:

24/7 Virtual Assistance with AI-Based Chatbots

Intelligent chatbots, available 24/7, can improve relationships with the most demanding customers. AI-based solutions answer simple questions and direct complex issues to the relevant departments.

Real-Time Notifications

With real-time banking alerts, your customers will always know what's happening with their money. Alerts will allow them to quickly identify and report suspicious activity before it's too late.

Voice Banking Capabilities

Voice Banking is convenient for customers who want easy access to their finances with one command. Voice commands also enable access to banking for people with disabilities.

Seamless Multi-Channel Integrations

Multi-channel digital banking provides customers a consistent experience, regardless of the selected channel. As a result, customers can use their banking products comfortably.

Advanced Microservices Integration

Leveraging the cloud can drastically change the use of company resources and reduce server maintenance costs. Additionally, containerization and microservices can improve the flexibility of your solution. We can utilize these options to enable fast adjustment or development of functionalities in the future.

Robust Security Measures

Machine Learning, behavioral analytics, and risk scoring support the effective detection of financial risks. Real-time cybersecurity supports business growth and the adoption of digital banking solutions.

Wide Range of Financial Management Tools

Opening accounts, managing money, and making payments are just a few of the intuitive banking services available online. The more financial services you provide online, the more your brand attracts customers.

Innovative Savings Features

People are not in the habit of saving money, so by using digital banking software, you can do it for them. Setting aside a percentage of their purchases, or rounded change, will show them that they don't need ample resources to save for small pleasures.

Customizable Open Banking Reports

Open banking allows customers to manage their finances efficiently. The ability to check the status of financial products from multiple providers in one application is fast becoming a new standard.

Social Media Integration and Loyalty Systems

Integrating online banking with social media increases the security of transactions in popular applications and allows people to make purchases without switching between environments. Launching loyalty programs encourages customers to choose these solutions more often because of their direct benefits.

Interactive Financial Education Resources

Teaching young and adult customers to manage their finances wisely is increasingly important. By improving their financial skills, your brand gains trust in their eyes, so they will likely engage with your digital banking services for longer.

Eco-Friendly e-Statements

Transform your business into an environmentally friendly brand by giving up sending unnecessary paper correspondence. Digital reports and statements will never get lost and will be at hand whenever your customers need them.
Scalo Consultancy

Why Should You Be Concerned about Scalo Digital Banking Development?

Working remotely from another country, traveling as a lifestyle, and globalized supply chains require the ability to operate different currencies in real time. Digital banking systems are designed to perform various operations, such as recording transactions, estimating interest on loans and deposits, balance of payments, and withdrawals, to give a competitive advantage as a financial institution.

Scalo provides a personalized approach and offers custom digital banking software created to simplify or automate business processes and provide better customer service.

We offer intelligent banking solutions available online. They utilize AI and ML capabilities, providing you with information crucial for creating personalized offers in the future.

How Can Scalo Digital Banking Software Speed Up Your Business? 

In Scalo, we resolve multiple digital banking software development issues and create a turnkey banking ecosystem for businesses of any size.

Here’s how our custom Internet banking development can accelerate your digital transformation:

Scalo's digital banking software utilizes AI and ML, putting your company among the innovative enterprises. Advanced technologies automate everyday banking operations and collect data essential for improving personalized services.
Innovative digital banking software from Scalo simplifies and streamlines the data migration process. Keeping the company's resources in the cloud increases availability and facilitates scalability as the organization grows. When migrating your data to the cloud, we guarantee that you won't experience any disruption to your daily tasks.
Custom Development
Custom Development
We will create digital banking software for you from the ground up. You are guaranteed that it will be fully customized to your business requirements and market needs. We tailor every element of the project to create software that will be a perfect reflection of your vision.
UI UX design
UI/UX Design
The usability of an application is as important to us as its functionality. During the Internet banking software development at Scalo, we take care of the intuitive user interface so your customers will love using it. Clarity, aesthetics, and simplicity are always our priorities.
Quality Assurance
Quality Assurance
When you order a new digital banking solution from Scalo, you get a guarantee of extensive testing to verify that the application meets the highest quality and security standards. Our testers specialize in developing and implementing complex banking software testing strategies to find and resolve all bugs and imperfections.
Our involvement in digital banking development continues beyond software delivery. We can regularly bring updates, monitor reliability, and improve performance. Scalo's dedicated expert team keeps your software up-to-date, secure, and functional, allowing you to focus on growing your business.
 A step-by-step Digital Banking Software Development Journey

Scalo digital banking software development is a detailed approach
that offers comprehensive and integrated solutions to even the most demanding business needs.

This process consists of the following stages:

Requirements refinement
We discuss your goals and customers’ expectations about digital banking software solutions. The objective is to gain an overview of the most critical needs, considering the infrastructural potential, legal regulations, and security issues.
The digital banking development team translates your requirements into lines of code. To keep you a step ahead of your competitors, they implement forward-looking, innovative technologies and use widely recommended tools to provide you with the highest quality product.
The testing phase strictly verifies the product shell to find bugs and other deficiencies that may influence your Internet banking software’s functionality, security, and resilience. Various test types, including unit, integration, or user acceptance tests, help us ensure the final product will meet your requirements.
When the Internet banking software development product is ready, we will proceed with deploying and integrating your company’s infrastructure. Scalo professionals embed the newly developed solution into the existing environment. Simultaneously, they check the compatibility, migrate data, and optimize performance in the current conditions.
Once we finish deployment, we don’t leave you alone. We move on to constant monitoring and proactively responding to performance anomalies in digital banking software. Our experts suggest improvements regarding changing trends, legal requirements, and user feedback.
If you or your customers encounter problems with the Internet banking software, you can call the support staff. We’ll minimize the downtime duration and save your customers from negative experiences.

Choose the Preferred Internet Banking Development Strategy

At Scalo, you will find the perfect digital banking development model that works with your budget and human resources.

Whether you want to launch a new project, extend your development team, or need expert advice, we will provide an involvement model on point.

End-to-end Banking Software Development
End-to-end Banking Software Development
Our seasoned team will carry out your project from the initial interview to deployment and implementation support. Scalo's digital banking software development process guarantees you receive an innovative and successful product that will increase the number of devoted customers.
skilled professionals
Hiring Extra Developers
Extend your Internet banking software development team by short-term hiring of Scalo developers. Our highly skilled programmers will complete your programming staff, providing fresh ideas and up-to-date knowledge to turn your product into the best one on the market.
Advisory Service
Advisory Service
Make the most of our deep knowledge in digital banking development and be ahead of your competition. Based on understanding your company’s unique challenges, our experts come across customized solutions that will effectively scale up your business.
Why Scalo

Why choose Scalo?

You are in a perfect place if you seek cooperation based on mutual respect and partnership. At Scalo, we focus on exploring the unique needs and goals of small, medium, and large enterprises in the financial sector. With broad experience in digital banking software development, we are well aware of the challenges faced by companies offering innovative financial solutions.

The professionals at Scalo will provide you with end-to-end assistance during the entire software development cycle. They will do their best to make your Internet banking software a one-stop tool that delivers multichannel customer service and guarantees real-time transaction security.

Get in touch with Scalo and become a banking sector pioneer who offers cutting-edge, modern financial solutions for enterprises across the globe.

Digital Transformation Awaits
Digital Transformation Awaits
Digital Transformation Awaits
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