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Scalo Payment System

Scalo: Expert in Payment Software Development for FinTech Companies

We redefine the payment services sector by offering custom software development tailored to FinTech businesses and their customers. We boost efficiency and scalability through intelligent software development of payment systems. With extensive experience, we transform obsolete applications into state-of-the-art platforms using such technologies as artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Give your business a boost by simplifying operations and ensuring regulatory compliance. Scalo’s payment software development consolidates critical data, enabling swift decision-making and personalized service delivery. Grow steadily, improve customer satisfaction, and support loyalty with our bespoke payment system development solutions.

How Can You Transform Payment Software Systems with Scalo?

It’s time for outdated and non-functional software to give way to modern solutions.

See how we can help you revolutionize areas such as payment processing or payment gateway software development to provide you with the competitive edge you’ve been waiting for.

We will modernize payment systems developed many years ago, so they are faster, more efficient, and secure. Unused technologies will be replaced with the most popular programming languages and frameworks. We will supplement them with modern solutions based on AI and ML to give you even better insight into your customers' daily habits.
Let us carry out a smooth and thorough migration of your payment systems to the cloud. Storing the company's resources in the cloud simplifies scalability when your organization grows intensively and serves more customers. We guarantee that you won't experience any disruption to your daily tasks during the cloud migration.
Custom Development
Custom Development
If you need a new product, you can have us develop it for you. Our team will ensure custom development of a payment system perfect for your company's needs. We adjust every piece of the project to give you software that reflects your expectations.
UI UX design
UI/UX Design
When creating a functional application, we do not forget about user experience. During the payment software development process at Scalo, we take care of the intuitive user interface and application usability so that customers enjoy using it. Clarity, appearance, and simplicity are always our priorities.
Before we put the application in your hands, we conduct detailed tests. We thoroughly check for proper operation and look for security gaps or dead ends in processes. The software goes to you when we are sure the payment system development has no more pitfalls.
We will handle the maintenance and further development of the payment system. If your business is rapidly growing, we will be equally efficient in boosting the software's performance. We will monitor the application status in real-time and act proactively when we catch irregularities.
Want to Revolutionize Outdated Payment Solutions?

Partner with Scalo for payment software development and reach your goals faster.

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Scalo Software Development

Why Choose our Payment System Development Services?

Our payment system development teams strive to bring the forward-looking solutions that customers are waiting for. Payment software development enables automated payment processing and offers FinTech companies and consumers a comfortable experience. With our software, manual, ineffective operations pass into history, replaced by automated processing of vital financial data. You can experience the transformative impact of seamless integration with third-party systems.

We design and build user-friendly, efficient, and high-tech payment software from the ground up, seamlessly incorporating the required processing systems. Payment processing software development from Scalo guarantees easy scalability as your business grows and the number of transactions increases. Our priority is robust payment software protection, so we always work with the prime payment regulations in your region.

 The Essential Features of Payment Software Development

How will payment software development enable you to reach new markets and build lasting customer relationships?

Check out the key functionalities associated with, e.g., payment processing and payment gateway software development conducted by Scalo.

Customized Payment Systems

Are none of the existing payment systems perfect? The advantage of custom development of payment systems is that no one else uses your solution. By designing a payment solution from scratch, we can eliminate bugs known in other systems and integration problems with other applications. Customers will be happy when they don't encounter bugs found in competitors' solutions.

Payment Gateway Integration

In the age of widespread online shopping, excellent integration with payment gateways is the element that determines whether customers will finalize an order. Payment gateway software development is one of the crucial steps in creating your new payment solution. Making online shopping easy is pure profit for you and your customers.

Subscription and Recurring Payments Support

Subscription platforms are becoming increasingly popular. That's why we specialize in payment processing software development, maximizing the seamlessness and reliability of regular revenue collection from subscribers.

Mobile Payments

Paying by phone or smartwatch is the present. Payment software development will allow you to complement your payment capabilities with convenient mobile payments for all those who shop without cash or debit cards. Mobile payment capability means a growing number of customers every day.

Fraud Prevention Algorithms

Even the best mobile or payment gateway software development solutions will not attract customers when payment systems are vulnerable to attacks by cybercriminals. In addition to innovative payment solutions, we will prepare fraud prevention solutions for you based on behavior analysis and prediction of possible attacks.

PCI Compliance

In the FinTech industry, regulatory compliance is as substantial as protection from cybercrime. We always design our solutions, e.g., gateway or payment processing software development, with PCI in mind. We provide a secure payment environment with all the necessary security features for payment transactions.
Custom Payment Software Development Step by Step 

Are you expecting complex and professional assistance in the payment system development process?

Discover the stages of our approach to implementing innovative payment software for the FinTech industry.

Requirements Refinement
In the first stage, we discuss your needs and expectations for your future payment solutions. After reviewing your company’s resources and IT infrastructure, we can prepare a strategy draft for developing the new payment processing software.
The payment software development team transforms the requirements and suggestions into lines of code. Developers implement forward-looking technologies and commonly recommended tools to ensure your new payment product gives you a real competitive advantage. It guarantees that the finished software will be of the highest quality.
The testing phase of payment system development closely verifies the product to find bugs that may affect the functionality, security, and performance of the payment software for FinTech. Different types of testing, including unit or integration testing, help us ensure the final product meets your requirements.
Once the product is ready, it’s time to integrate it into the company’s infrastructure and prepare it for launch. You don’t have to stop your company’s processes, as we will ensure the implementation doesn’t interfere with the daily operations of your systems and employees.
After the implementation, you are not left alone with the new software. We move to the stage of continuous follow-up and proactive response to payment system performance anomalies. Our staff will suggest improvements concerning changing trends, regulatory requirements, and user feedback.
If your employees or customers encounter problems after the payment software development is finished, the help desk waits for your requests. We will do everything possible to minimize downtime or failures and keep your customers from drifting away from your business.

Choose the Preferred Cooperation Model 

When deciding to entrust the payment systems development to Scalo, you can choose one of the cooperation models that best suits your current needs.

We can be equally involved in providing comprehensive answers during consultations, offering staff support to an in-house team of financial software developers, and handling the creation of a dedicated solution from start to finish.

New Payment System Development
New Payment System Development
If you want to create a new payment system but need a developers team, present your idea to us. We will design and develop it for you from scratch. We will handle every aspect of the payment processing software development solution, from functionality to convenience, to transaction security and payment law compliance.
skilled professionals
Project Team Enhancement
Stuck in the middle of payment gateway software development? At Scalo, you can hire experienced developers and testers for your existing project. With their knowledge and experience, you will complete the project much faster and gain functionalities your team may not have considered at the earlier stages.
Do you want to discuss a new payment solution idea without entering the production process? Book a workshop to consult your idea for new software. We will look at your expectations and possibilities with a fresh perspective, giving recommendations for improvement and helping you define the next steps.
Scalo IT Partner

Why choose us?

Do you want to work with professionals worth entrusting your time and budget to? At Scalo, we carefully listen to your needs, check the capabilities of your infrastructure, and find a solution ideally suited to your business. We will build a product for you from scratch or modernize existing solutions.

At every stage, we share our knowledge and experience, so that you benefit from the full software capabilities.

Choose Scalo and watch your business evolve to the next level!

Are You Planning to Release
Are You Planning to Release
Are You Planning to Release
Innovative Payment Software?

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