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We are happy to announce that Scalo is now Great Place to Work-CertifiedTM, which is the result of the high-quality work experience of our employees. This is our most valuable distinction to date, since it entrenches our efforts to shape an outstanding workplace culture and attract top talents.

Great Place to Work® is a global authority on workplace culture. Thanks to 30 years of research, the Institute has defined what makes a great workplace: trust. Using proven methodology (its Trust Index survey), it helps organizations to measure their corporate culture, develop trust in the organization, and achieve better business outcomes.

Among the world’s best workplaces in 2021 are brands like Cisco, Salesforce, SAP and Atlassian. Scalo decided to join the certification process to better understand our employee experience, create space for their development and gain greater visibility in a competitive market.

Our results in the Trust Index Survey

Krzysztof Wiśniewski - Great Place To Work - Scalo

This was our first such certification process. We asked our employees to provide feedback on their feelings about credibility, respect, integrity, pride and camaraderie at Scalo. There were also questions about the values ​​that accompany us in our daily work.

In the survey, we obtained a 78% engagement level, and our strengths are:

  • Building positive relationships in teams
  • A friendly atmosphere
  • Good cooperation with managers
  • Autonomy and flexibility in daily work
  • A sense of real influence on business
  • Work-life balance.
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2 - Great Place To Work
3 - Great Place To Work
4 - Great Place To Work
5 - Great Place To Work

In our extremely dynamic world, every company is oriented for business excellence, and so we are too. We decided to start the certification process to maintain a healthy company culture. Research shows that “great places to work” see higher customer satisfaction rates, higher levels of innovation and organizational agility.

Gaining insight into our employees’ valuable feedback allows us to further improve our culture and workplace, enhance Scalo brand value, facilitate access to talents and improve our overall business performance.

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