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Drive Efficiency with Scalo’s Software Modernization & Migration Services

At Scalo, we understand that your business’s success depends heavily on efficient and reliable IT systems. That is why, with our Software Modernization & Migration services, we always aim to bring the latest technological advancements to speed up and streamline your operations.

In addition to legacy software migration and modernization, our experts excel at building data migration solutions and securely transferring vital information to new environments while maintaining integrity and accessibility.

Partner with Scalo and gain a trusted ally committed to enhancing your operational efficiency and future-proofing your IT landscape.

Migration and Modernization Solutions for Optimized Business Operations

At Scalo, we offer specialized IT services to modernize and optimize your technology infrastructure.

See below how our expert solutions can elevate your business operations.

Legacy Software Modernization
Legacy Software Modernization
Upgrade obsolete software to boost performance, tighten security, and add any new and desired functionalities.
Data Migration
Data Migration
Transfer your critical data sets to new environments while protecting their integrity and ensuring accessibility.
Software Migration
Software Migration
Move your apps to new platforms with minimal downtime, maintaining undisturbed business operations.
Cloud Migration
Quickly move your software infrastructure to the cloud, getting the best out of scalable and cost-effective solutions.
Embedded Systems Modernization
Embedded Systems Modernization
Revitalize your embedded systems to improve performance and extend their lifecycle, aligning them with modern standards.
Transform Your Legacy Systems

Speak directly with our specialists and find out how we can upgrade your IT infrastructure.

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 When to Consider Our Services

Understanding when your company can thrive with Scalo’s Software Modernization & Migration solutions is essential for maintaining a competitive edge.

Let’s explore some scenarios where our services can truly revolutionize your operations.

Aging Systems

Aging Systems

Your existing software struggles to keep up with growing demands, leading to more frequent downtimes and sub-par efficiency.

Security Concerns

Outdated systems expose your business to heightened security and compliance risks, making immediate modernization a must.
Scalability Challenges

Scalability Challenges

Your business is growing, but your current infrastructure can't scale efficiently to meet new demands, stifling potential growth.
Cloud Adoption

Cloud Adoption

You want to move from on-premises solutions to the cloud to take advantage of its scalability, flexibility, and cost savings.
Data Integration Needs

Data Integration Needs

Integrating data from disparate sources is becoming increasingly challenging, affecting your ability to make informed decisions.
Technological Advancements

Technological Advancements

Keeping up with the latest technological advancements is essential, but your embedded systems are lagging, impacting overall performance.

Jerzy Wiśniewski - CTO at Scalo

Jerzy Wiśniewski - Chief Technology Officer at Scalo

Modernizing and migrating IT systems is about getting back control over your technology landscape.

At Scalo, we dive deep into your infrastructure to identify bottlenecks and vulnerabilities. We then apply the most befitting, modern solutions to enhance performance, fortify security, and streamline operations. Think of it as transforming a dated, single-lane road into a multi-lane expressway—your data flows more efficiently, your applications run smoother, and your business scales effortlessly.

Our clients often see dramatic reductions in operational costs and a newfound agility in deploying innovative solutions.

Modernization & Migration Services Tailored for Your Industry 

Our IT modernization and migration services are designed to meet the unique needs of various industries.

Here’s how we can help your sector thrive:

Upgrade outdated systems to streamline production processes, enhance supply chain management, and improve overall efficiency.
Fintech & Insuretech
Enhance security, compliance, and performance by modernizing legacy systems, ensuring hassle-free transactions and robust data protection.
Media & Entertainment
Media & Entertainment
Optimize content delivery systems, manage large volumes of data, and improve user experiences with cutting-edge technology solutions.
SaaS Platforms
SaaS Platforms
Scale your software solutions effortlessly, improve service reliability, and reduce downtime with our modernization services.
Renewable Energy
Renewable Energy
Upgrade monitoring and control systems to improve energy efficiency, data accuracy, and overall system performance.
Enhance your platform's performance, security, and scalability to provide a seamless shopping experience for your customers.

Our Expertise 

Scalo Microsoft Partner

Scalo’s migration and modernization services are backed by a robust set of competencies that ensure top-tier quality and reliability. We hold ISO 27001 certification, which underscores our commitment to maintaining the highest standards in quality management. The Microsoft Gold Partner status reflects our deep expertise in leveraging Microsoft technologies to deliver optimal solutions.

With a team of over 600 developers skilled in a wide array of programming languages and technologies, we can tackle complex projects with confidence and efficiency.

Our experts bring in-depth knowledge in areas ranging from cloud computing and data migration to embedded systems and application modernization.

Scalo Data Experts

Why Scalo is Your Ideal Partner for IT Projects

Throughout 17 years in the IT industry, we have established ourselves as a trusted partner for companies seeking migration and modernization services.

We have completed hundreds of varied projects, gaining expertise and experiences that allow us to provide our partners with reliable, secure, and scalable solutions.

When you choose Scalo, you’re partnering with a company that has a proven history of driving technological transformation and operational efficiency.

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