When developing software, code quality is vital. It helps ensure the best user experience and increases the software product’s value.

Our QA team’s expertise and competences guarantee that your new digital products work as required, integrate impeccably with your existing setup, and are highly usable.

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Our expertise in Quality Assurance

Independent testing

Get your software product objectively tested by a third party uninvolved in the project.

Test automation

Automate tests to accelerate the QA process and reduce its overall cost.

Domain experts in testing

Have your product tested by experts in your business domain–from finance to manufacturing and entertainment.

Test consulting

Discuss your testing strategy, plan, and methodology with our QA experts and get professional support.

Types of software tests we provide

Unit tests

In unit tests, we select a section of code and verify its correctness.

Integration tests

In integration tests, we test groups of modules to ensure the final software product is complete and fully integrated.

Functional tests

In functional tests our goal is to identify missing features and suggest product enhancements.

Usability test

In usability tests, we check if the app is easy to use, control and meets its objectives.

Compatibility tests

We use compatibility tests to check if the product can run on different platforms, operating systems, applications or network environments.

Performance tests

Use performance tests to ensure that the system continues to perform under real-life usage load.

Regression tests

Regression tests confirm if your existing app features will continue to work once you add new features to the product.

Acceptance tests

Have your product tested and validated by its actual end-users.

Automation tests

In this type of software testing, we use an automation tool to execute the test suite to minimise manual testing overheads.

Areas we support with software testing & QA

IT systems supporting business processes

Test your core business systems to ensure they operate and serve your company as required.

Mobile, web & desktop applications

Check and refine the way your applications work to ensure top performance and user satisfaction.

Test automation and data migration

Reduce time and budget needed for manual testing and ensure that your data transfer is as accurate and clean as possible.

Application performance and security

Check if your application runs at maximum performance and remains immune to potential attacks.

A complete software testing & QA process

Detailed Analysis

We always start with a thorough understanding of your objectives. Our QA experts analyse your project assumptions, prepare test architecture, define DoD and DoR, and pick technologies – thus creating a complete test strategy.

Environment preparation

Our QA team then proceeds to selecting the crucial components for tests, choosing the method, and defining the entry and exit criteria. As a result, you receive ready-to-use test cases and scenarios.

Manual tests & test automation

We then carry out all required tests, focusing on whether your developed items are in line with their user stories–automating the tests whenever possible. Once we test all the elements, you get a final report listing all errors and issues.

Knowledge transfer, monitoring & maintenance

Our QA experts train your internal team, transferring all responsibilities, monitoring tools, and the know-how they acquired in the process. As a result, you are prepared to monitor and maintain the app independently

Why can you trust Scalo?

Strong domain expertise

60+ senior QA Engineers onboard

Following a set of proven QA best practices, know-how, & methodologies

Quality metrics based on performance

Advanced QA measurement system

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