We’re Scalo, one of the Top Java Development Companies in Poland. Tap into the expertise of over 200 Java developers experienced in building a wide array of software solutions.

Get your business to new heights with dedicated Java development services.

Java Technology Stack We Use

Our Java development teams craft custom software solutions using the most reliable technology stack. For UI, we use frameworks like Node.js, AngularJS, or any other framework suitable for the project.

We use Spring framework for the back-end development, Hibernate for data layers, and AWS or VM-based hosting for cloud solutions, although there is no specific technology stack we use for Java development as it is highly dependent on a particular project.

Our Java Software Development Services

Make use of the programming language and platform of choice for almost any industry. Whether your business or digital product needs web or mobile capability, Java is well-known for its versatility, dependability, scalability, and adaptability to even the most complex business logic.

Our development teams are experienced in building anything from large-scale enterprise systems to simple, functional products. 

Web Development in Java

Java is well-known for its dependability, scalability, and adaptability to even the most complex business logic. Astound your target market with dependable digital products ranging from web to desktop to wearable technology and IoT.

Java Consulting

We’re in experts in building customizable applications that are tailored to your specific business requirements. Choose our Java consulting service and take advantage of the programming language and platform of choice for almost any industry.

Java App Development

Java is well-known for its dependability, scalability, and adaptability to even the most complex business logic. Astound your target market with dependable digital products ranging from web to desktop to wearable technology and IoT.

Java Mobile Development

Mobile devices require different approach and use a different set of rules and methods than Web applications or traditional desktop software. Chose our Java development services to ensure a robust and meaningful experience for users and stakeholders, even for applications of the largest scale and performance requirements. We’ve built compelling, high-quality digital solutions for e-commerce, media and entertainment, finance, healthcare and corporate.

Java Cloud Development

Java cloud development allows the computing power to be distributed over a network so that an application can run on multiple connected computers at the same time. Given unlimited hardware, a cloud application should be able to handle an infinite number of tasks. The ability to scale on demand is the main advantage of a cloud web application over a traditional web application.

Hire Java Developers

To meet your custom JAVA development needs, we have 600+ Developers and 15+ years of experience in the global custom software development market. Our Java developers produce high-quality, well-written source code that is simple to maintain. Get familiar with the reviews, clients’ testimonials, and track record of completed large-scale projects completed by Scalo.

Stages of Outsourcing Java Development in Scalo

Initial Business Engagement

At the initial stage we will extensively discuss your business idea and create a realistic plan for developing your custom software. You will get familiar with Scalo’s software development methodologies in detail, and we’ll establish an optimal course of action to deliver your product in an effective and efficient manner.

Discovery Phase and Solution Design

During this stage, we’ll confirm the initially established project goals and technology requirements. As a next step we will chose effective delivery model that will fit your business processes. Based on what we discover and agree on during this phase, we’ll be designing a draft roadmap of your custom software solution development and, if needed, create a proof of concept. 

Project Setup

At this point, we’ll move on to setting up the details of the project itself. Working together, we’ll establish the exact scope of the project, as well as create a projected backlog. We’ll also choose proper software development team to realize your project, as well as establish its timeline and cost.

Design & Development

This is where we create software. During this stage, our developers will work on bringing your project to life, starting with UI and UX design, moving on to the bespoke software development phase, and finishing with a thorough testing and QA phase. In most projects, we apply Agile approach like Scrum to guarantee optimal project management and result delivery.

Handover and Closure

At this stage, the bulk of the work on your custom software has been completed and your project is nearly at its finish. With your application successfully developed, it’s finally time to launch – we’ll deliver the ready custom software with all the relevant documentation.

Maintainance and Further Development:

At Scalo, we offer scalable solutions that are easy to evolve and expand in the future. We’re always ready to improve your custom software further, implementing additional functionality tailored to your business needs. Even as we deliver a full-fledged app to you, we’re happy to keep on working on it and help grow your business in the future.

What is Java

Benefit From Java Technology

Java is the most popular general-purpose and object-oriented programming language. It is a general-purpose programming language designed to allow programmers to “write once and run anywhere.” It means that compiled Java code can run on all platforms that support Java without the need for recompilation. As a result, JAVA is considered to be a highly versatile and well-suited programming language for applications that need to run on multiple systems.

Modern and Multi-Purpose Solution

Nowadays, Java is found in almost every device, from cell phones to computers to televisions. The language is also well-known for its security, simplicity, and maturity, as Java has been an industry standard for over two decades. 

it specialists outsourcing scalo

Java Development Services Costs

As a Java development company, Scalo provides versatile solutions to scale up and down the development teams working on your IT projects. Flexible billing models and cost-effective outsourcing services are particularly convenient in times of economic uncertainty.

Although Java is a free toolkit, developing a bespoke app requires hiring a team of software developers, either in-house or through nearshoring or outsourcing. The specific costs of the entire process vary and are naturally determined by the scope of the particular project and the financial agreements, including the billing model or the hourly rates of the software development company of choice.

Often the clients are initially unsure about the specifics of the product they need or the required app architecture- at Scalo, we assist our Partners during the entire process, starting from selecting the best tech stack for your project, building the software, and maintaining it in the future.

Benefits of Working With Java Development Company


Outsourcing Java projects is less expensive than hiring a full-time Java workforce.


There is no requirement to invest in infrastructure, expertise, or equipment.


Hiring in-house staff does not improve agility nearly as much.


High code quality is maintained because the best Java programmers understand how to use a wide range of current Java-related tools and solutions.

Talent pool

Significantly reducing the amount of time and effort required for business recruiting. A software outsourcing development company may provide a ready-to-work workforce rather than building a team from scratch.


Skilled Java developers will handle your project while you focus on core business.

Java Software Solutions for Different Industries

Clients from a variety of industries choose Scalo to create secure, scalable, and powerful Java-based applications because of our strong expertise, dependable reviews, and top talent pool. As a Java development company, we build applications supporting various industries.

Our Java developers can augment existing teams and assist your company in harnessing the full power of Java, or we can build dedicated teams focused solely on your goals.


Java, as one of the most widely used languages in the fintech industry, is an excellent tool for developing data simulations, modeling, and developing fast and dependable mobile and web applications.

Use cases: Expense management systems, Banking software, Money transfer systems, Mobile wallets, Payment processing development, Trading platforms


Manufacturing is undergoing significant transformations as a result of technological advancements. Customers are also rapidly evolving. They now have higher expectations. They anticipate greater product customization, faster delivery, and lower production costs, which you can achieve thanks to Java development project.

Use cases: Embedded systems, Remote Service apps, Data collection software, ERP manufacturing software, Manufacturing execution system (MES), Testing software

Media & Entertainment

Drive more value to your business through custom-built digital products. Over 15 years of presence on the IT market, we've mastered a wide range of IT tools and have solid experience in building software solutions for Media & Entertainment such as live streaming and video on demand platforms, media security solutions, social media apps, and more.

Use cases: VoD platforms, Live streaming platforms, Digital Asset Management software, Social Media platforms, Media & Entertainment cloudification


We offer the end-to-end Enterprise Software Development life cycle. Boost your digital transformation and effective asset management, and adapt data-driven decision-making thanks to our custom software solutions for the enterprise.

Use cases: Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning solutions, Business Intelligence, Enterprise-Class CRM, Document Management System, Enterprise Mobility and Security


eCommerce technology makes online businesses more accessible, efficient, and increases brand awareness significantly. eCommerce solutions also aid in addressing the complexity of multi-channel sales by integrating processes and systems that result in an exceptional customer journey in each channel.

Use cases: eCommerce CRM, Cloud for eCommerce, eCommerce Payments, Cloud for eCommerce, Chatbots & custom service for eCommerce, Sales automation

Why Companies Choose Java Programming Software

Designing fast and scalable web apps necessitates using the proper development architecture and an expert team. Working with an external Java development team is often the more cost-effective option because investing in your development staff before you have proof of concept for your product produces unnecessary risks.

The majority of companies that require robustness, stability, and cost-effective development chose Java.   


Java was first released in 1995 and is still one of the most popular programming languages today. Java’s longevity can be attributed to its stability, maturity, and breadth of features.

Object-Oriented Programming

Because Java is an object-oriented language, Java programs are made up of objects interacting. Thanks to object-oriented programming,Java code is easier to understand and maintain.


Java is considered a simple language to learn and maintain because it has few syntactic rules. Because Java is a statically typed language, it is also simple to maintain. This means that Java programs do not change their type during execution, making Java code less prone to errors.


Because it employs secure features such as bytecode verification and sandboxing, Java is a safe programming language.

Memory Allocation

Java takes advantage of automatic memory management, which means that Java applications do not have to manage memory manually. Java uses a garbage collector to reclaim unused memory, resulting in more stable and reliable applications.


ava supports multithreading, which means that applications can run multiple tasks simultaneously. Through maximum CPU utilization, multithreading makes JAVA applications more efficient and responsive.

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What is Java development services?

Custom Java development include building custom software, enterprise apps, software products, and SaaS solutions using Java frameworks that are secure, portable, and scalable.

How does outsourcing to a Java development company work?

Outsourcing software occurs when a company chooses to have custom software solutions developed by a third party. Outsourcing has numerous advantages, including cost savings, increased efficiency, reduced risk, and enhanced security.

What are software development services?

Design, development, maintenance, implementation, support, testing, and documentation services, as well as any other services required to create, enhance, improve, modify, update, or upgrade software applications, are all examples of Software Development Services. Scalo’s Java developers are experts in full-cycle software development services.

Why choose Java for Web Development for your next project?

In Java, there are numerous platforms for web development. Because of its object-oriented characteristics, Java has become the developer’s first choice for web application development. Because of its ability to communicate with a large number of systems, Java is ideal for developing all kinds of web applications. Java web development can also be used to access services such as peer-web services, database connectivity, and back-end services.

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