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As new market opportunities arrive and the demand for your services grows, you may need a partner to help you scale fast.  

At Scalo, we offer advanced outsourcing solutions for companies looking for strategic software development partnerships. We help to outsource custom software development or build outsourced development teams.  

With 100 successfully delivered projects in our portfolio and mature service delivery processes, we utilize our experience to create individual and flexible cooperation models adjusted to our clients’ needs. 

The Outsourcing Solutions We Deliver

Custom Software Development

When you want to focus on your core business, we deliver end-to-end projects and build tailored software solutions.

Remote Development Teams

We form remote development teams working exclusively for you to accelerate and strengthen your in-house software development.

Staff Augmentation

We offer team extension services when you need to augment your in-house teams with specific roles and competencies.

What Makes Us A Trusted Outsourcing Partner?

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  • Based in Poland – one of the biggest IT talent pools in the world 
  • 15 years of experience in IT outsourcing services 
  • 500 software experts onboard to secure scaling opportunities and delivery of new products 
  • Four development centers in major Polish IT hubs  
  • Recruitment capacity of up to 50 new faces monthly 
  • Mature delivery processes built with our clients’ needs in mind 

The Technologies and Competences We Have Onboard

Bespoke Software Development

Cloud Solutions

Embedded Solutions

Quality Assurance

Business Intelligence


Machine Learning


How We Set Up Our Outsourcing Cooperation

Initial Business Engagement

We gather the basic information about the business needed and sign an NDA agreement.


We gather and analyze the information about your projects, the goals that need to be achieved, and potential technology solutions.

Cooperation Model Recommendation

Based on the information gathered, we recommend the best cooperation model for your needs (end-to-end software projects, dedicated development team, or team extension).

Launch of Cooperation

When you agree on the recommended model, prepare a detailed plan for our cooperation and start the implementation phase.

Build-Operate-Transfer Model (BOT)

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An outsourcing partnership with Scalo can be the first step to a more advanced cooperation model like Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT). 

 We commit to building an entire branch for you and transferring it to your organization after the agreed period. 

The BOT model consists of 3 main phases: 

  1. Build – In this stage, we focus on building the foundations for a new site and set up the first software development teams.
  2. Operate – In the second stage, we extend the site, paying attention to achieving the required level of efficiency and the number of development teams. 
  3. Transfer – In the last stage, when all performance metrics are achieved, we transfer the site to your company structure 

 Want to learn more about BOT cooperation? Let us know!

Our outsourcing projects around the globe

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The team offers good project management, and they deliver as promised. 


They communicate well and work quickly, providing a seamless partnership. 

Credit Bureau

They provide high-quality resources that easily integrate into internal project management methodologies and standups. 

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