Tailor-made embedded software turns ordinary appliances and machines into smart and modern products.

Transform your manufacturing business digitally and discover new opportunities. Our team will design, develop, test, and implement custom embedded software for your production, machines and devices.

Our embedded software development services

Embedded solutions consulting & architecture

Create an architecture of your embedded software solution based on your technical assumptions, goals, and existing engineering systems

Embedded software and control application development

Build embedded software solutions for your production equipment, vehicles, and systems – but also program the controls that steer them

Debugging & software migration

Solve your legacy issues with our help. Migrate apps to new environments, find and fix bugs, verify code quality and optimize it

Software & hardware integration

Integrate your machines and equipment with embedded software with dedicated API – and ensure that your existing system and new elements work as required

Delivery models of embedded software development

Agile development

In this mode, our team will use agile methodologies at all stages of the software development process. We will work in short sprints and regularly verify outcomes with you as a Product Owner.

V-model development

The V-shaped model assumes all new elements get linked with tests. No matter if it’s a new idea, architecture or component –they will all get unit tested, functionally tested, integrated, and prepared for approval testing.

Test-driven development

In this model, our team starts with writing a test – and then develops software that will be verified using it.

Our competences in embedded software development

Experience in many business domains, from automotive to aviation, telecommunication (GSM/LTE/xG, Base Stations), digital TV, and 3D printing

Linux apps: C, C++, QT

Mobile devices platforms: Embedded Linux, RTOS, Android

Test Automation: Python, Pearl, Bash, C++

Remote data access apps: Mobile – Android, iOS, Web, Windows

Connectivity: IoT, TCP/IP, industrial – CAN, CANOpen

Tools we use

Requirements description, progress tracking, and quality assurance support – XRay/Zephyr, Atlassian JIRA and Confluence

Project repository – Git, SVN, CVS, ClearCase

Code review tools – CodeCollaborator

Code analysis – PCLint, Klocwork, Coverity, CPPCheck

Continuous integration and regression – Jenkins, Python, PyTest

UML diagram tools

Requirements traceability tools

Let’s talk about embedded software development

If you are looking for a reliable embedded software development company, we are at your service. Book a free consultation with our experts today.

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