We build dedicated development teams to enable our clients to scale their engineering capabilities swiftly and deliver software projects more efficiently. 

As a result, our partners reduce their time-to-market, launch new products faster and seize market opportunities.

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500 experienced specialists
UX Designers
Business Analysts
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Why should you build a development team with us?

Outstanding scaling capabilities

We can get you started within 2-4 weeks.

Mature delivery process

We only follow proven best practices in remote development.

100% custom development team

We will build you a team fully tailored to your project’s needs and scope.

Full control

Our Delivery Manager will support you on a daily basis.

Substantial savings

By outsourcing your development team, your business will quickly reduce its expenses.

Our approach to building a software development team

Project analysis

Our team analyses the needs and expectations of the client.

Roles & responsibilities

We then define the roles and responsibilities in the project–and who will be in charge of these.

Recruitment & verification

We then find and recruit suitable candidates and test their skills.


All recruits then get to know the project and go through onboarding.

Kick-off workshop

Once trained, the new development team participates in a workshop with the client to better understand their challenges.

How our service delivery model works

remote team scalo

We have refined our delivery management model from the earliest days of our business – so here’s how it works:

  • Our delivery model can be easily adapted to the changing environment and to meet the particular needs of the client.
  • Assigned Delivery Managers coordinate the work of the dedicated team and focus on establishing a secure working relationship with clear, consistent communication on a daily basis. The role is to ensure the delivery of both performance and quality.
  • Our Delivery Manager is here to ensure project continuity and that all SLA conditions are being met at all times. These goals are primarily reached by composing a successful tech team with the expected skill set.
  • We take full responsibility for staffing-related duties, from tech and business skills verification, onboarding, managing the team’s daily work, payroll, to personal and legal matters. Our Center of Excellence regularly watches over team members’ tech competencies development and runs regular training sessions.

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