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UX UI for fintechs

Scalo: A Provider of Seamless User Journey in FinTech Software

You are sure about what features you need in your new FinTech solution. But have you thought about the shape of its interface? Now you don’t have to!

At Scalo, we plan and create a groundbreaking fintech applications design that always wins the users’ love.

Once you establish cooperation with Scalo, you get a cutting-edge solution perfectly solving your customers’ burning issues and aesthetic and functional UI/UX design for FinTech software. Our comprehensive approach means higher savings because you don’t need to use a UX/UI design agency – you get everything within software development service.

 Benefits of Implementing Scalo UI/UX Services for FinTechs

Take advantage of FinTech UX design by Scalo and encase the powerful software in an attractive and functional design.

We will create a front-end tailored to your users for a smooth experience that aligns with your brand’s uniqueness. The UX design for FinTech service includes:

User Interface Prototypes and Wireframes

User Interface Prototypes and Wireframes

The UI prototypes and wireframes provide an excellent preview of product functionality and user interaction capabilities. FinTech UI design wireframes and prototypes illustrate the architecture, layout, and user interface dynamics, providing a thorough front-end understanding.
Style Guide

Style Guide

The style guide includes principles for colors, typography, icons, and other UI components crucial to keeping brand consistency. The style guide will provide priceless support for extending the project's user interface in the future.
UX Research and Analysis

UX Research and Analysis

Thorough research and user behavior analysis are the foundation of functional FinTech UX design. Our team gathers all the necessary information and creates an intuitive and user-friendly interface based on these findings.
Design Systems

Design Systems

The Scalo design system is a set of reusable components, design guidelines, and best practices in UX design for FinTech products. The design system ensures consistency and efficiency while streamlining the development process.
Do you want to redesign the user interface in your software?

Discover Scalo’s UX/UI design services and turn your company into a loved brand.

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When is The Best Moment to Consider UI/UX Design Services for FinTechs?

  1. When you want to upgrade dated or legacy systems and move your FinTech UX design to the next level. Inform your target audience using the modern app design that its inside is equally fresh and valuable.
  2. When you migrate your existing solutions to the cloud, it’s a good time to refresh the interface. At Scalo, we will perform a comprehensive and loss-free migration of the company’s systems while developing a modern design to skyrocket user satisfaction.
  3. When you’re about to launch a brand-new product. If you are about to develop a new app, our FinTech UI design service will allow you to win the users’ hearts from day one.
  4. When you want to empower your product’s digital advantage during a major functional update. If you are about to develop a new app, our UX design for FinTech will allow you to establish an emotional connection with users.

 Advantages of Improving Your FinTech’s UI/UX Design with Scalo Services

Are you wondering how you will benefit from achieving a new level of user experience in your software product?

Working with experienced FinTech UI/UX design professionals will bring tremendous changes to many of the following aspects of your business:


Enhanced User Engagement

With customized FinTech UI design, you can turn your financial company into a loved brand. People will be much more willing to use your software solutions if you guarantee an intuitive interface that practically reads their minds.
Improved Conversion Rates

Improved Conversion Rates

Nothing scares away prospects like a complicated purchase path. A simplified and transparent interface will encourage more people to complete a transaction or use a service. Maximize your revenue by minimizing customer effort.
data analytics

New Competitive Advantages

Distinguish among the competitors by choosing FinTech UX design while developing a software solution with Scalo. Stop duplicating the schemes used by your rivals; instead, tap into the expert knowledge and be the first to impress your audience with an interface better suited to their needs.
Brand Reinforcement

Brand Reinforcement

An optimized user interface and improved interaction capabilities result in a higher loyalty rate among users. The intuitive and effective front-end software design enhances your financial brand's positive image.
Cost Savings

Cost Savings

A perfect FinTech UI design provided during software development process will save you from adjusting the interface to match the trends and customer expectations later on. By choosing UI&UX design for FinTech by Scalo, you don't need to extend your budget for additional cooperation with a graphic design agency.

Faster Time to Market

The Agile approach, where we develop the back-end and UI of an application within one project, is a huge time saver. Since we know your product inside out, we can anticipate your expectations and suggest the right solutions on the first iteration.
Need expert help with creating the UX/UI design from scratch?

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UI/UX Design Services for FinTechs: The Way We Work 

What happens through the designing of next-gen UI and UX for FinTech solutions?

Take a step-by-step walk through this path with us:

UI & UX Analysis
First, we listen to your needs, then prepare a FinTech UI design from scratch or suggest modifications to the current layout. We plan the placement of elements, navigation, and user journey.
User Research
We conduct market research, surveys, and interviews to understand better your target audience and align our ideas with their expectations.
Design Strategy Development
We create a design strategy based on the gathered information, considering the latest UI/UX trends. We deal with prototype development, technology selection, and user testing methods within the strategy.
UI/UX Optimization
We optimize the created solutions, adjusting the color scheme, typography, and user interaction with the application elements to increase audience engagement.
Software Enhancement
We combine the software back-end with the outer layer and customize every aspect, from usability and efficiency to user-friendliness.
Team Efficiency Boost
The FinTech UI/UX design team works closely with developers to receive software that meets business needs with a user-friendly experience. We provide guidance to help streamline the design process, improving quality and business results.
UI/UX and QA

Why Choose Us?

Collaboration with Scalo in user experience design adds soul to complex or formal banking solutions. Our UI/UX design services for FinTechs simplify the user experience—the intuitive interface reaches the customers’ hearts and increases brand visibility against extensive competition.

Choosing FinTech UX design with Scalo increases user satisfaction and loyalty. We humanize your financial brand, and you achieve better business results.

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Ready to Create a
Ready to Create a
Ready to Create a
Next-Gen UX Design for Your FinTech Solution?

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