When starting a software project, well-planned architecture is crucial in order to meet all business and end-user expectations.

Our business analysts and software architects will help you determine your product requirements, plan the essential elements of your solution, and create a prototype.

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From an idea to a solution – our software design process

Analysing business goals

Our team always starts with a thorough understanding of your needs. To get a better grasp of these, we often hold an initial workshop.

Describing functional requirements

Once we learn what your needs are, we define key features the product you wish to develop should possess.

Analysing your IT environment

Our team then assesses your company’s technology environment. This step helps us to define which types of solutions will best respond to your situation and objectives.

Planning software architecture

We then proceed to describe and plan the most important components of your future software solution

Creating a solution prototype

Building a prototype allows us to evaluate the initial product plans. When the idea passes the test, it moves into the development process.

Controlling solution development

Our solution architects are present in the process of software development to ensure that the final product matches the accepted plans.

The outcomes of this software development stage

Business analysis documentation

Our team creates a written documentation of your needs and requirements identified in the analysis process

Project documentation

We also describe the proposed solution and outline all main project assumptions

Proof of Concept (POC)

At this stage, we also carry out a small exercise to test the initial idea and project assumptions

Some of the methods we use in this process


We use this group method to identify and list potential solutions to our client’s challenges.

Initial workshops

We use workshops to learn better and assess our client’s needs–and use this space to discuss these together.

User story mapping

This visual exercise helps us define the steps to creating the best possible user experience.

Lean Canvas

This one-pager allows us to deconstruct your idea into its key assumptions and evaluate your business plan validity.

The tools we use

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