Sport Events
NET Core, Azure (AKS, Azure Pipelines, IaaC-way), Vue.js

The Client

Worldwide leading company in developing scoring and timing systems for sports events 

The Challenge

The customer has the mature on-premise solution supporting sports events management, that spans on schedule setup, competitors starting list up to entire scoring system. The business challenge client has faced was to reduce logistic complexity (and resulting from it costs) of the established solution by re-implementing it as a containerised application stored in Cloud (Azure). Moreover, new features were required to be implemented.

Scalo team is to support the research and development of this new approach by implementing a pilot solution to be used during one of the upcoming sports event. Working in Agile (Scrum) methodology, we ramped up a fully functional team with Azure DevOps Architect, Technical Project Manager, .NET devs and QA.

The Solution

Our team was engaged in this R&D project from the very beginning, supporting the Customer in defining scope & priorities of MVP solution. We have focused on re-done current application according to the provided requirements, design the solution and adhere to system overall architecture, design and deliver Infrastructure as a Code on-cloud, with the possibility of having on-demand deployable, containerised, ready to use application also on-premise.

The Effect

We are near the end of MVP phase of the project, yet we are planning the next phases of the project starting in the next couple of months.

Scalo project activities include:

  • Supporting Customer in defining PBIs scope & priorities
  • Developed solution according to design constraints and quality attributes agreed with the Customer
  • Deliver developed, tested, and approved application according to the requirements
  • Design the solution of OLR, adhere to system overall architecture
  • Design the delivery pipeline and on-cloud & on-premise hosting architecture of OLR
  • Development of Infrastructure as a Code (aka. IaaC) of on-cloud

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