Improving public safety with smart door systems

The Client

Global leader in on-site security systems.

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Our client, a leading company in the on-site security industry, specializes in manufacturing a variety of entry systems. We have proudly partnered with them since 2016.

In the face of industry challenges such as supply chain disruptions and staffing shortages, our client remains committed to innovation and delivering exceptional value to their customers. Recognizing the need for monitoring crowd density to ensure safety, the client decided to upgrade their smart door systems.

Our latest collaboration on this project has been both exciting and impactful, reflecting our shared dedication to advancing public safety through cutting-edge technology.

Exploring new possibilities in modern entry systems

We are supporting our client’s initiatives by expanding a cross-functional team responsible for design, development, QA, and DevOps (CI/CD).

The product is equipped with IoT sensors that collect various types of data. These sensors track metrics such as the number of people passing through in each direction, the frequency and duration of door openings, temperature changes, sensor errors, and any obstructions in the door. This data is sent to the cloud for analysis by end clients, such as large-scale retailers, airports, shopping malls, logistics centers, and maritime facilities.

With this data, businesses can perform detailed analyses for effective door management. For instance, if there are capacity limits, the door can be programmed to allow entry for up to 200 people. Once this threshold is reached, the door will switch to exit-only mode until the number of people inside decreases.

Increasing value with customer platform

In addition to the smart door system, our team is developing an associated user platform that allows users to monitor, operate, and manage their IoT systems from a single interface. This requires the creation of a cloud-based infrastructure to connect all entrance system doors. The platform is built on a microservices-based architecture using AWS cloud.

The platform will feature both mobile and web interfaces, enabling users to manage smart doors connected to the AWS IoT service and collect data from these devices for further analysis. Additionally, the platform will integrate with the sales system, allowing our client to review system adoption and usage to provide tailored post-purchase offerings to support users.

Maintaining effective cross-disciplinary collaboration

The project involves several distributed teams working across the US and Europe. This complex engagement includes backend and frontend development, as well as mechanical engineering to test the devices. Project teams need to ensure the locks function both online and offline. We are also involved in maintaining testing stations, which involves hands-on work with the devices.

Innovating to stay ahead

The project is progressing smoothly, with all teams collaborating effectively to ensure efficient development. Our client is able to modernize their product offerings, enhancing the customer experience and meeting expectations while simultaneously advancing their business. With our support, they are maintaining their position as an industry leader.

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