Fintech and Banking
JAVA, Spring, Angular, Swift, Kotlin, AWS, Azure, Docker+Kubernetes

The Client

Financial technology & banking company that provides engagement banking to financial institutions worldwide, from large banks to credit unions and community banks.

Projects scope

Slow, complicated, and expensive to maintain and upgrade core banking software and legacy systems are common issues that many banks struggle with, making it compete with digital-native rivals challenging. With information and features from the underlying systems of record, the platform serves as a single engagement layer. Banks can innovate quickly without altering their core systems and get a better return on their existing investments.

Our team is responsible for integrating and maintaining the platform modules for individual clients of the provider (i.e banks). The platform allows financial institutions to modernize their operations by adding new functionalities to existing systems without significant disruptions. The system has a package connectors made ready for integration with the bank’s transactional system, which in most cases, are sufficient for integration. In non-standard situations, a part of the project is writing a non-standard integration, which usually comes down to closely working with the team on the bank’s side and agreeing on the API.

The platform consists of the following modules:

  • Retail Banking,
  • SMI banking (for institutional clients)
  • Client onboarding module (replacing traditional paper workflow),
  • Wealth management


The bank’s transactional system is made available to customers in the form of a user-friendly mobile application and website, as well as integrated services for the bank, such as address validation, creditworthiness, or virtual card.

Our software developers work side by side with the core team on the client side, as well as external PM, solution architect, UX/UI designers. We’re responsible for integration and further maintainance of particular modules, with a limited projects scope and time. After the project is completed, the team moves on to the next projects

Team composition:

  • Backend (JAVA, Spring)
  • Frontend (Angular)
  • Mobile (Swift, Kotlin)
  • QA (

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