Java, Selenium, REST API

The Client

The company is a multinational corporation that specializes in providing IT solutions and services to various industries, including finance, healthcare, telecommunications, and public administration.

Project Scope

Scalo was tasked with developing a fraud detection system for the banking industry. The goal was to build a stable and reliable testing framework that would allow for testing REST APIs and the user interface. The team’s role was to automate the testing process using Java, Selenium, and REST API.

The Solution

The team created a testing framework that included a configured engine for testing, which was validated using REST-API queries. The framework was then able to handle user interface tests. Additionally, a daily build in the Jenkins tool was set to run at 7 am every day. The testing database was continually updated, and defects were found virtually in every tested class and were fixed in the process. The resulting testing framework was found to be adaptable to other projects. Our team also worked on maintenance and conceptual work, including the integration of a new intern into the team.

Major completed tasks included:
• The test engine has been configured and is operational
• REST-API queries are being tested
• Sent or calculated values are validated against the database
• The engine is ready to accept user interface tests
• A daily build in the CI/CD tool (Jenkins) runs at 7am
• The test database is being systematically expanded
• Regression testing can be integrated into the developer pipeline
• Defects have been found on practically every tested class
• Continuous maintenance and conceptual work are ongoing
• A trainee is currently being onboarded
• The framework is adaptable to other projects.

The Effect

Scalos team’s work resulted in a significant improvement in developer workflow and a reduction in stress related to code errors. The testing framework was found to be effective, and defects were detected on virtually every tested class. It is is currently undergoing further development, with plans to implement additional test classes and expand the testing database. The team plans to adapt the framework to other projects based on business decisions.

Further steps include:
• Implementation of additional test classes and expansion of the regression test suite
• Coverage of regression tests for customer environments and common production errors
• Onboarding of the intern; potential growth of the testing team
• Adaptation of the testing engine to other projects in the same business area (depending on business decisions)

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