Empowering language learners worldwide with an AI-powered application

The Client

A US-based startup operating in the education space.

  • Software 
  • Docker
  • PostgreSQL
  • AWS
  • Gitlab
  • Python

Technology has the remarkable ability to connect people across the globe. We believe in leveraging these advancements to foster educational opportunities. When presented with a challenge to support a transformative educational initiative, we were happy to face it.

Our client is a US-based startup that created a revolutionary educational app powered by AI. The app functions as a virtual pronunciation coach, enabling users to improve their pronunciation skills in various foreign languages. The startup’s vision is to equip individuals worldwide with the confidence to communicate fluently in another language, and unlock new opportunities as a result.

At the time of our cooperation, the app had a user base of 4 million from 101 countries, and it kept growing. The client sought our expertise to scale the product’s capacity and enhance its stability in response to this increasing demand. Additionally, we were tasked with integrating cutting-edge functionalities to further enrich the user experience.

Expanding app functionalities to reach new audiences

Our team supported the organization in expanding the product to new user groups. We were charged with the design and development of a robust B2B backend infrastructure and APIs, specifically tailored for businesses and educational institutions that employ the client’s application for boosting the linguistic skills of their workforce and students.

The service is based on a proprietary speech recognition technology, which leverages an advanced deep learning algorithm. The backend infrastructure was developed using a Python stack, while the frontend was primarily built using Vue.js.

To elevate the app’s performance, we transitioned certain features from a monolithic architecture to a more dynamic, event-driven microservice architecture, implemented on the AWS cloud. This transformation facilitated smoother and more efficient operation.

The collaboration also involved building API integrations that connected the front-end website, app databases, and the application itself. In addition, we contributed to the development of new features that encouraged greater social interaction among users within the app.

pronunciation coach

Building strong partnerships to grow opportunities for education

Our architects and Python developers closely collaborated with the client’s Product Owner and their development team to ensure an efficient development process. To strengthen the partnership, we conducted an on-site visit to the client’s headquarters in Portugal. During this engagement, we have also provided strategic suggestions and recommendations aimed at optimizing the application further, enabling the client to deliver an even better product experience.

Through our partnership, the client could expand their app to tailor it to brand new customer groups. This allowed them to grow their business but also provide their service more efficiently to new users.

The stable and robust application now serves millions of people, helping them to speak more clearly and be understood in another language. The client can continue their mission to empower foreign language speakers globally with an enhanced and reliable product.

Scalo offers high quality software development services and we have always been satisfied with their work. They are easy to cooperate with, taking care to effectively communicate during the project, which is the key concern when working with a nearshore team.

  • Client company’s co-founder and CTO

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