Transforming charitable giving with a fintech application

The Client

An EU-based fintech startup.

  • Finance
  • Software 
  • RoR
  • Redux
  • SCSS
  • Bootstrap
  • SSR
  • Heroku
  • React.js
18 months

As more and more people want to get involved in societal or environmental issues, they look for various ways to support their chosen causes. The right technology solution can make it easier for people to make a difference as they go about their day.

Recognizing this potential, our client set out to create a solution that would bring this vision to life. Their mission was to foster a community of people dedicated to supporting causes they care about daily. As a forward-thinking fintech startup, they developed an innovative platform that connects charities with potential donors in a simple yet effective way.

Innovating philanthropy through technology

The platform allows users to link their payment cards, performing automatic round-up transactions. Each time a card is used, the purchase amount is rounded up to the nearest zero, and the spare change is donated to a charity of the user’s choice. This effortless approach to donating makes it simple for people to contribute to causes they care about.

The user-friendly app not only simplifies the donation process but also allows donors to set monthly donation limits, ensuring their contributions are in line with their financial capabilities. Additionally, charities can create their own profiles on the platform to boost their visibility and find new donors.

Scaling up with a comprehensive platform

As the application gained traction, our client sought support to enhance its reliability and scale it to meet the demands of a growing user base. The first complete version of the product was operating successfully in the U.S. and Irish markets. Our goal was to build it into a full-scale platform that would operate globally.

It was important to reduce friction associated with money transfers across different regions. Given the application’s global nature, we needed to enable donors to contribute to charities outside their home countries.

We adopted an end-to-end approach for this project. Working closely with the client’s technical architect, we thoroughly analyzed the existing architecture. Based on our findings, our dedicated development team designed and developed a new, scalable backend from scratch.

Our focus was not only on core functionalities but also on accommodating new requirements as they emerged. Daily communication with the client ensured smooth collaboration and allowed us to promptly address any issues that arose. The app’s critical features included global currency balancing, country locators, public profiles, and support for various card operators through comprehensive API configurations.

Our comprehensive approach ensured that the application could reliably support its growing user base while expanding its global footprint, making it easier for donors to support their favorite causes no matter where they are.

web application mockup

Efficient collaboration for real results

Our effective partnership with the client led to the successful redevelopment of the web platform. We are proud to have contributed to this meaningful and impactful project. Being part of such a thoughtful and world-changing initiative has been a rewarding experience for our team.

They clearly care about the product and it’s not just a job for them, so that has been amazing for us . . .

They’re super professional in all aspects of the project. They understand the commercials on their side and on our side. The transparency has been complete — there is no rock that’s been uncovered on the development side.

  • Client company’s co-founder

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