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The secret is out! On the 8th of March we launched our new brand – Scalo. This is a meaningful moment for us, wrapping up intensive, though sustainable, growth and the continued transformation of our company. In these challenging times we decided to go with what we had planned several months ago and rebrand. With great optimism and excitement, we’d like to share with you the reasons for this change and how the process looked.

A time of intense changes

Over the last 13 years the company has built a recognizable brand and strong position on the market, specializing in the outsourcing of IT specialists and teams for the financial, media, information technology and public sectors. We’ve been growing intensively, often achieving a 30-40% increase in revenue, we’ve opened new delivery hubs in major cities in Poland, and our team has grown to nearly 500 people.

It has also been an intensive time of cooperation with new clients from the US, Germany, Switzerland, the UK, Ireland, Portugal, Finland and Greece. We’ve been featured by Forbes Diamonds and we jumped into ComputerWorld’s Poland Top 10 software companies ranking.

Transformation project - the story behind our rebranding

Three years ago, the company started a deep transformation project aimed at expanding the spectrum of our services and increasing the business value provided to clients. The transformation covered changes to processes, the talent pool, technology infrastructure and the use of data management.

As part of the transformation, sales, delivery, HR and marketing processes have been optimized and streamlined. In doing so, we strengthened the role of and cooperation between departments essential to the delivery of services. The mission, organizational culture and key values have also been redefined. Furthermore, we’ve extended our services portfolio to include cross-functional development teams and the delivery of projects, among them embedded software.

scalo the software partner

Establishing a Center of Excellence

An important phase of the transformation was establishing the Scalo Center of Excellence to guide the technological and competence development of the organization. It’s an important moment for the company when our CoE provides new tools, processes, and trains professionals to provide our clients with lasting business value.

The decision to rebrand - the culmination of our chosen course

At some point, we realized that we needed more space to further expand our offer and show our internal transformation towards becoming a mature technology partner. That’s why we made the very bold decision to completely change our image, despite the already well-established position of the NBC brand on the market.

As an outsourcing company, we’ve become much more innovative and responsive to clients’ changing expectations. In short, our old brand did not represent us well enough anymore. The process of rebranding, which started several months ago, was about a natural progression reflecting the transition of our mind-set, organizational structure, service delivery processes, strategy and vision for further development.

Why Scalo

Our new brand changes the whole identity and expression of the company. The name Scalo – derived from the English word “to scale up” – expresses the idea of scaling our clients’ business growth, by increasing their software engineering capacity with technology solutions and our long-standing experience.

The same concept is visible in the new logotype that also expresses the continuous growth and development. The combination of black and white, accented with green, was chosen since it represents exactly what we would like to broadcast to our clients and the team. The strong black and white represents our maturity and clearly defined goals, while green reflects our potential for further organizational changes, and the ability to continuously support our clients’ and employees’ development and growth.

That’s why we are Scalo – a brand that tells a story about how to use technology and software expertise to fuel clients’ business growth.

Scalo. The Software Partner.

More than a Team

In our industry, a close-knit and cooperating team are the basis of success – both ours and our clients’. Throughout the process, our people were at the forefront of the transformation, and all departments were involved in the transformation project. When creating Scalo, we were constantly thinking about the needs of our people. The visual identification and communication addressed to employees has a unique character and is clearly separated from our business message.

Our goal is to create an environment for the development of our people by participating in innovative projects with the use of the latest technologies, such as Cloud, IoT or AI. Hence the expansion of the spectrum of technologies we work with, training programs, and the possibility of migration between projects.

The Center of Excellence also plays a key role in the process of creating a space for the continuous development of our team. On the one hand, CoE supports the progress of employees’ competences, and on the other hand, it is a platform for everyone who wants to be part of the technology leadership and play an active role in the further development of Scalo.

Our plan for the future – progress and innovation

By implementing organizational changes, new processes and cooperation models, we can precisely align with our clients’ changing business requirements and deliver outcomes that position us for success. Above all, a refined competency development plan is consistent with Scalo’s strategy, and investments to further develop our web, mobile, cloud and embedded technology skills matrix are planned.

With our new brand and offering, we are opening an exciting new chapter of our business and market strategy. This sends out a clear signal to the market that we’re no longer just the IT outsourcing company we’ve been for the last few years. After several months of preparation, the new brand represents our transformation into a technology company that delivers software projects, top-notch development teams, and builds embedded solutions. Our new brand reflects what we truly believe in and shows our desire to deliver innovative software solutions and exceptional value to our clients.

Scalo. That’s who we are. A partner using expertise and technology to support clients’ business growth and reach new heights.

We’re pleased to be able to invite you to check out our revised mission, vision and values on our brand new site

Scalo. The Software Partner.

Stay tuned and see you soon!

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