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‘Resilience,’ as the organizational adaptability to an ever-changing business and socio-economic environment, will be the main theme of the upcoming IMPA conference. The 25th edition of the event will be taking place in Warsaw, October 20-21. We’re proud to announce that Scalo is one of the conference’s partners.

What is IPMA

International Project Management Association (IPMA) is an international federation of associations that popularizes knowledge about project management and connects project managers around the world. The association works with organizations in over 50 countries around the world.

About the event

The concept of VUCA (Volatility-Uncertainty-Complexity-Ambiguity) has gained a more profound meaning. Due to the last years of pandemic and recent military events, it has become our everyday life. Words such as “transformation,” “revolution,” and “change” definitely evoke negative associations today, and the frequency of these phenomena reflects on our health, well-being, our work, and economic situation.

How do organizations, business owners, management, employees, and customers find themselves in this reality? How do you implement projects and develop your business without guaranteeing future stages? How to balance the entire organization and manage the project portfolio? The speakers will answer these and many other questions at the jubilee 25th IPMA Poland Conference.

The speakers

The speakers invited by IPMA Poland are experienced leaders, representatives of the business world, the largest companies, and non-governmental organizations, who, via their presentations, will provide a broad spectrum of views and a variety of practical applications of the presented solutions.

Tickets and more information

The full schedule, event and ticket information are available at the event’s website:
25. Konferencja IPMA Polska – Konferencja IPMA Polska.

We invite you to be part of this unique event. See you there.

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