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Scalo got recognized in the Computer World ranking. Impressive rankings across multiple categories reflect our commitment to excellence and steady growth. Notable achievements include improved positions among the largest IT companies and service providers, expertise in outsourcing services, commendable financial strength, and recognition in diverse sectors. 

What is Computerworld TOP 200

Computerworld TOP 200 is a comprehensive report on the Polish ICT industry. It serves as a fundamental point of reference for CEOs and board members, IT managers, technicians and analysts, salespeople, as well as ICT companies seeking information about market leaders in various segments. It is the best opportunity to present your company as a sales leader, innovator, and significant player in the challenging ICT market.

Scalo Receives Distinction in Computer World Ranking

In the category of “Largest IT companies in Poland” Scalo secured an impressive 117th place, significantly improving from our previous ranking of 140th in 2022. This demonstrates our company’s steady growth and ability to thrive in a competitive market.

We also made its mark in the “Largest IT service providers” category, climbing to the 49th spot. This noteworthy accomplishment reflects Scalos’ delivering exceptional IT solutions and its ability to cater to the evolving needs of its clients. The remarkable progress from 62nd place in 2022 highlights proves consistent dedication to improving its services.

More than Software Services

Our success extends beyond IT services, as it achieved 5th place in the “Largest outsourcing service providers” category. This significant rise from 9th place in 2022 is a testament to our team’s expertise in delivering outsourcing solutions and its ability to establish strong partnerships with clients seeking reliable and efficient outsourcing services.

Scalo’s accomplishments in revenue growth and profitability are also commendable. It secured the 79th position in the “Companies with the highest profits” category, showcasing its financial strength and stability. Additionally, Scalo claimed the 77th spot in the “Companies with the highest year-over-year revenue growth” category, highlighting its ability to adapt to market demands and consistently expand its business.

The company’s dedication to its employees is evident in its ranking of 26th in the category of “Largest IT service providers for various sectors”. Scalo’s rise from 32nd place in 2022 is a testament to our commitment to providing a conducive work environment and attracting talented professionals to its workforce.

Better Each Year

Scalo’s IT services have also found recognition in specific sectors. It secured 17th place in the media sector, 23rd in the banking and financial services sectors, and 24th in the IT sector. Although there was a slight decline from the 10th place in the IT sector ranking in 2022, Scalo’s presence among the top service providers in these sectors demonstrates our ability to meet the unique demands of diverse industries.

Moreover, Scalo made its mark in the transport and logistics sector, claiming the 29th position. Our expertise in providing tailored IT solutions to support efficient transportation and logistics operations has helped it secure this notable ranking.

Lastly, our dedication to serving large firms and corporations has been recognized with a 37th-place ranking. The company’s rise from 45th place in 2022 reflects its ability to provide comprehensive and reliable IT services that meet the needs of large-scale enterprises.

See you next year

Our notable achievements in the Computer World ranking affirm its position as a leading IT company in Poland. Through our continuous commitment to excellence, the company has demonstrated its ability to adapt to industry trends, deliver top-quality services, and foster strong relationships with our dear clients.

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