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Our company has been included in the prestigious Computerworld TOP200 report for the fifth time. The report is based on comprehensive research on the Polish ICT market, and has been published for 28 years now. The report shows the image of the Polish ICT sector from the perspective of 395 IT companies and telecommunications operators. It is a comprehensive analysis of the condition of the Polish ICT industry, based on the revenue perspective of IT companies.

The Polish IT industry is going strong

Despite the difficult economic situation in 2020, the revenues of the entire IT industry in Poland are promising, amounting to 75 billion PLN, which means a 9% increase compared to 2019 (68 billion PLN). The IT sector adapted to the pandemic almost immediately, without slowing down the pace of work.

Scalo’s achievements and results according to the Computerworld TOP200 rankings

Scalo also followed this positive trend on the market, maintaining 8th spot in the list of the largest outsourcing services providers in Poland. In total, our company has been listed in as many as 11 categories of the TOP200 report.

Below we present the results achieved as one of the “largest providers of IT solutions and services” in the following industry categories:

  • Ranked 12th – IT sector,
  • Ranked 13th – Media sector,
  • Ranked 19th – Banking sector,
  • Ranked 35th – Large Companies and Corporations sector.

Scalo’s results confirm our strong position in the new technology industry. Despite the crisis on the market, we are constantly developing, and the prospects for the coming months are even more promising:

“From Scalo’s perspective, there is a very high demand for IT services. We are currently building several new teams for our clients. We also receive a few new inquiries every day. Most companies are aware that further investments in digitization, the development of online platforms, automation of business processes and further migration to the cloud are necessary.” – Krzysztof Wiśniewski, CEO of Scalo.

Our mission is to support companies in scaling business growth using modern technologies and software. We plan to further optimize and automate operational processes as well as developing strategic technological partnerships and competences in areas such as cloud services, embedded software, IoT and digital transformation.

We plan to intensively increase the scale of our business, both on the international market and in Poland. Our plan for 2021 and the following years assumes further development and revenue growth at the current rate, at a minimum of 30% per year.

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