Python vs. JavaScript: Which One You Should Choose For Your Project

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You’ve got a brilliant idea to introduce a new solution to your business. But you need a little support in its design and development. Do you know which of the existing technologies will best implement your idea? Check the following guidelines and decide which high-level programming language will fit your needs.

A Quick Rundown of Python and Javascript

Python and JavaScript are two of the most popular programming languages in the world. These technologies are constantly developing, but each goes a different way. Before you choose between JavaScript developers or Python development services, you need to know what effects you can achieve by opting for one of them.

Key Features and Characteristics

Python is an object-oriented programming language. Its built-in data structures allow the creation of back-end applications rapidly. Coding in Python requires a few lines of code to make a functional program. Multiple packages and libraries help in developing solutions, e.g., data science, machine learning, or web applications.

JavaScript is a client-side scripting language perfect for creating interactive web pages. JavaScript runs on the user’s browser with no need to compile. JavaScript often performs as part of a trio with HTML and CSS.

Opting for JavaScript or Python - How to Do That?

You already know the main differences between Python and JavaScript. But which one wins the battle this time? In the following paragraphs, you will find more specific similarities and contrasts to help you decide.

Difference Between Python and Javascript - Similarities and Contrasts

Are you faced with the choice of technology in which you would like to develop your project and gain valuable experience? Take a look at the pros and cons of Python and JavaScript Development Services to gain a broader perspective of the most popular programming languages.

Syntax and Readability

Python’s creators had an idea to frame a programming language similar to English. Python programming language is easy to write and read because of reduced structural rules. It makes Python different from many other programming languages, including JS, which has additional semicolons and brackets in its syntax. The construction of JavaScript code resembles other C-like languages, so if you’ve previously used C or C++, you can quickly dive into JavaScript.

Popularity and Community Support

Both languages have a highly integrated community behind them. The community of JavaScript is vast and supportive. JavaScript developers move fast and push software development forward. Strikingly similar behaviors are performed by members of the Python community. The fans of this open-source language release new libraries, solutions, or packages.

Performance and Speed

Python is an object-oriented programming language, so executing the code blocks takes much longer than performing instructions in a scripting language. That makes Python extremely slow for web development. Software running in Python needs a lot of time to respond, while JavaScript web pages can perform in real time.


Python is recommended for people who want to enter their careers in IT. Natural syntax, easily readable code, and fewer structural rules are attractive to people with low or any prior programming experience.

However, that doesn’t mean JavaScript is much harder to learn. Many beginners, who are interested in creating web applications, naturally learn JS once they master the HTML and CSS basics and succeed in getting their dream job.

Opportunities in the Job Market

According to regularly conducted studies, Python and JavaScript frequently appear in the TOP 3 most demanded programming languages lists. Developers that know well JS or Python can choose from the highest-paying job offers and the most exciting projects.

The simplicity and versatility of Python were appreciated by companies such as Netflix, Google, IBM, Pixar, and Spotify. Brilliant JavaScript developers can try to join the software teams in Uber, PayPal, LinkedIn, eBay, or Walmart.

Usage in Mobile Development

If you are planning to make a mobile application, you don’t choose Python programming language. Developing mobile applications in Python is possible with libraries such as Kivy and BeeWare, but it wouldn’t be your first-choice language.

This time JavaScript is the winner, although this language was framed for web development, not mobile app development. However, Javascript and its frameworks: Angular.js and React.js, will help you release fully functional and user-friendly applications.

Future Scalability and Maintenance

Scalability is the system’s potential to expand itself to handle that growth. JavaScript – especially the Node.js framework – is designed for easy scalability. Python is much worse in scalability, both machine and human.

However, Python code is easier to maintain. There are multiple tips to keep the code block clean, e.g., following the programming rules and using dedicated software. JavaScript is flexible but does not provide easy code maintainability.

Access to Third-party Tools

Both Python and JavaScript programmers have at their disposal many third-party tools that ease their work. Python programmers can choose from mathematical, database, or graphic libraries and frameworks like Django, Flask, or Pyramid. JavaScript multiple third-party scripts help the developers enclose the social sharing buttons, analytic tools, video player embeds, or helper libraries.

Security Concerns

Which of the programming languages is more secure? The answer isn’t clear. You need to be aware of some issues in Python and JavaScript. Among Python vulnerabilities are outdated modules or dependencies, malicious packages, and directory traversal. Some sensibilities of JavaScript are unintended script execution or user activity, session data exposure, and source code vulnerabilities.

Learning and Resources

People who want to learn JavaScript or Python can choose from numerous free courses. There are plenty of learning platforms available in English and many other languages. The most reliable source is official documentation, but learning Python or JavaScript directly from official documents can be challenging for beginners.

Documentation and Libraries

Official documentation of JavaScript is maintained by Mozilla, and Python documentation is in the hands of the Python Software Foundation. Many useful libraries were created by the enthusiasts of these languages and are constantly developed to suit users’ needs.

Python vs Javascript

Javascript or Python: Choosing the Ideal Programming Language to Suit Your Requirements

You’ve already learned the key differences between Python and JavaScript. After the brief characteristic of these languages, we can focus on specific topics of your future project. In several minutes you will be sure what technologies you need to apply to release a successful solution – a scripting language or an object-oriented one.

Enhancing Web Development with Front-End Development

If you need to build a web page or application, use JavaScript. It is an ideal front-end language that will let you create a complete, safe, and comfortable solution. Python and their frameworks also allow to build of a working web application but are not dedicated to using them for Front-End Development Services.

Discovering the Usage in the Aspect of Back-End Development

JavaScript is the language that can be used both for a web application’s front and back end. You can create a complete website or web application using only JavaScript. Python is a general-purpose language, which means it can work both on the client side and on the server side. However, the browsers don’t execute the Python code, so using Python outside of Back-end Development Services is not recommended.

Python or Javascript - Which One is More Effective in Data Science?

Data science is one of the leading topics in the programming world. Every year, more and more companies include data analytics services in their scopes and want to hire new developers specialized in this field. If you feel confident to bind your future with creating new data science solutions, you should focus more on hiring more Python developers.

Python is a programming language that offers many expanded tools to work with loads of data and aesthetically present them. JavaScript offers some data science packages. Nevertheless, JS is not regularly chosen to work on data science tasks. Data analytics in JavaScript is possible but more challenging than in Python.

Python and Javascript in the World of Machine Learning

When it comes to machine learning, you should consider choosing Python. It is a programming language with multiple libraries for scientific computing, data analytics, and machine learning. JavaScript is not equipped with similar libraries because of its web development nature. You can create dynamic web pages using JavaScript, but you need to switch to Python to start a project with some machine learning elements.

Integration of Javascript and Python - is It Possible?

Do you necessarily need to combine Python and JavaScript code in one project? It is difficult but doable. Some specialized tools enable understanding of code written in one of the languages by the rest of the program created in another. You can freely experiment with programs like Transcrypt, Brython, or Jiphy. But if you convert Python code to JavaScript (or conversely) for the first time, this procedure can consume much time and negatively affect your business’s growth.

What can you do instead? For starters, you can reach out to Scalo software development company and tell us how we can help you integrate JavaScript and Python code. Our development specialists will advise you on which programming language you should choose for your new application or program in your company. Contact Scalo to be sure that the final product will exceed your expectations.

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