Java Trends and Technologies You Should Use in Your Project in 2023

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Java is one of the programming languages that has been positioned high in popularity rankings for years. Its simplicity, ease of acquisition, and high compatibility with various operating systems make it one of the most frequently chosen technologies to create new solutions. Check out the following article and learn about Java technologies relevant in 2023.

Introduction to the Latest Java Trends and Technologies in 2023

March 2023 was marked by the Java update to version JDK 20. The spring premiere of the new round number version consists, like its forerunner JDK 19, majorly of Preview. However, before we wait in the hope for a more extensive JDK 21, it’s worth checking out what interesting updates the March JDK 20 brought. There is not much to get excited about, but among the new JEPs, one update is more enjoyable than the others.

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The Newest Version of Java Programming Language and What Does It Offer

Java 20 was released on March 21, 2023. After Java version 19 brought us one of the most significant features, virtual threads, the latest Java update is slightly less spectacular. You will find one brand new feature among the seven positions, while the remaining six are subtle iterations of existing APIs.

The list of new features in Java 20 is as follows:

  • JEP 429 – Scoped Values (Incubator)
  • JEP 432 – Record Patterns (Second Preview)
  • JEP 433 – Pattern Matching for switch expressions (Fourth Preview)
  • JEP 434 – Foreign Function & Memory API (Second Preview)
  • JEP 436 – Virtual Threads (Second Preview)
  • JEP 437 – Structured Concurrency (Second Incubator)
  • JEP 438 – Vector API (Fifth Incubator)

So what is new in Java 20? The first one, JEP 429, introduces Scoped Values. They provide an innovative alternative to thread locals that can be associated well with virtual threads. Scoped Values allow storing a value for a limited time. They are also stored in a specific way so that the values can be read only by the thread that wrote them. The Scoped Values feature has landed in the incubator stage.

In the remaining JEPs, there were barely perceptible changes. Other than minor bug fixes and inconsiderable additions, nothing as important as the release of scoped values happened.

What Should You Know About the Latest Java Technology?

The scoped values give many Java developers a useful construct in JDK 20. You can provide a thread and perhaps a group of child threads with a specific, read-only value during their lifetime. The newest Java also supports Unicode 15.0, which causes the addition of almost 4,500 new characters for java.lang.character.

Although the JDK 20 version is less impressive when compared to the previous one, its content should not be underestimated. The hunger caused by the lack of groundbreaking features is a breather for Java developers who, in the meantime, develop existing elements of Java code on all fronts.

What New Features Should Java Developers Use in 2023?

Are you keeping pace with the latest updates in information technology? Excellent, but Java 20 should not be the only fresh release you will get to know in 2023. As a programmer, you need to follow the constant changes in Java frameworks or tools like Git, Docker, and API. Create your goals for the next few months and try to stay up-to-date with the technologies mentioned below, which are mandatory for every software developer.

  1. Java Versions from 8 to 19: Sounds familiar? In addition to absorbing the news from the still-fresh Java 20, check the JDK 8 documentation regularly. LTS release from 2014 is a priority for many software developers. Java 9, Java 10, and Java 19 are also noteworthy for Java developers.
  2. Concurrency: Do you want to be a level above other Java developers who just write code? Master Java concurrency. To be considered an advanced Java developer, concepts such as thread, runnable, object locking, synchronization, deadlock, livelock, and much more should be included in your vocabulary.
  3. Spring Framework 6: Version 6.0 of the Spring Framework brings some new improvements, like the adoption of recent Java features, a reactive programming model, and corrections of unit testing. Spring Framework 6 gives life to ahead-of-time transformations focused on native image support for Spring applications.
  4. Spring Boot 3: Released in November 2022, Spring Boot 3 is a major update of the Java framework after 4.5 years of expectancy. The newest version supports Spring Framework 6.0 and GraalVM.
  5. Spring Security 6.0: The third significant upgrade of the Spring Security system. The popular Java framework’s previous version (Spring Security 5.0) has several bug fixes and deprecations of outdated elements.
  6. DevOps: DevOps is a branch of software development that is gaining growing popularity. More and more companies are shifting to continuous integration and deployment. If you are looking for your place in one of the DevOps teams, check back regularly for news from DevOps.
  7. Unit Testing: If, in addition to writing code, you are interested in testing it, add to your goals for 2023 expanding your testing skills. Stepping into the shoes of a tester will allow you to look at your code from a different perspective. Complex software development skills that include unit and integration testing will improve your image in the eyes of your future employers.
  8. Git: I hope you have heard about this most popular version control system. Recently more and more companies are migrating their projects to Git from SVN or CVS. Mastered Git will be essential to get used to the new software projects in the company you will cooperate with.
  9. Android app development: Since we’re on the subject of mobile applications, knowing Android development in 2023 will open the door to creating products for a vast audience. Don’t let yourself miss the opportunity to develop successful Android applications with the latest Java technologies.
  10. Angular 2+ or ReactJS: If you do not want to limit yourself to the back end and are more and more boldly interested in front-end solutions, check out one popular framework – Angular 2+ or React JS. To avoid overwhelming yourself with too much learning, first, decide whether you prefer to deal with single-page web applications or want to write code for mobile applications in the future.
  11. RESTful Web Service: APIs are the most common way programs and devices interact in modern computing. For every Java developer in companies offering Back-End Development Services, knowing the REST API is as essential as the multiplication table in school.
    What you should be switched on in 2023 is knowledge about writing REST API and implementing RESTful Web Service in Java using Spring. Try to master this highly desirable skill and join the exclusive group of Java developers who know both Java and REST equally well.
  12. Big data frameworks: Big data is one of the most in-demand skills in recent years, which goes hand in hand with machine learning and DevOps knowledge. If you can learn the specifics of working with large data sets, choose one of the big data frameworks like Apache Kafka, Apache Hadoop, or the most appreciated in the context of machine learning Apache Spark.
  13. Docker and Kubernetes: Docker and Kubernetes will revolutionize your approach to software development. Knowing how to build microservices with Docker allows you to create and scale your application declaratively. Kubernetes will allow you to manage communication between microservice architecture and coordinate how these integrated systems work.
  14. Cloud services: Don’t forget to add one of the remote access solutions to your 2023 learning goals: Amazon Web Service, Google Cloud Platform, or Microsoft Azure. Choose one of the platforms and master it thoroughly because every company you will apply to uses one of the remote access solutions and related cloud applications.

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Top Java Trends in 2023 and Their Impact on Software Development

Java has become an essential part of software development as an object-oriented programming language. The wide range of possibilities given by Java technology makes it still topical. In 2023 Java remains one of the most popular programming languages for developing applications for various business and personal needs.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is the hottest topic of the year. Java, a low-maintenance language offering transparency and portability, is the most popular technology in every Software Development Company.

Java is the best-suited programming language for developing AI-driven applications, as AI is connected with algorithms. With the development of artificial intelligence, the creators will certainly expand Java towards creating technologies based on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing will be another branch with rapid growth in 2023. This innovative technology segment is in demand in more and more organizations due to its wide range of scalability and maintainability. Java, one of the most robust, safe, and uncomplicated programming languages, will be engaged in the creation of further cloud-based models for every operating system.

Platform as a Service (PaaS)

PaaS is a new cloud computing model that could be placed between IaaS and SaaS. PaaS offers software and hardware tools as a third party. Users can pay for them in a pay-as-per-use model. PaaS is flexible to implement new applications when your budget and resources are limited. Java technology leads the way in PaaS because most ordered platform services are based on Java applications.

Mobile App Development

Development of cross-platform applications drives the adoption of Java-based frameworks. Companies utilize Java Development Services to develop applications that smoothly perform on every smart device. The application development environment is evolving faster and faster, demanding more technical support and better performance.

The latest releases in Java offer new features, making it a tremendous mobile app development language. 2023 will be very similar to the past few years, where platforms based on Java technology have been owing the rising number of iOS and Android apps.

How Can Businesses Adopt New Trends and Technologies in Their Projects?

Blindly following trends has never been good for anyone. Every business that wants to keep up with the latest technology trends should consider which are the most future-oriented and, in the short term, will be the basis of each new project.

To implement the technologies requested by customers in the best possible way, companies will focus on hiring developers who follow technical innovations of the growing popularity and master their skills. Developers who know what’s going on will have a tangible impact on the direction of the business growth, and thus also its popularity and cooperation with the best players on the market.

The Importance of Staying Up To Date with the Latest Java Trends

Java has been one of the most popular programming languages for years for a reason. Frequent updates of Java technology may seem like a nightmare for developers, but, in fact, they are a response to the accelerating development of information technology. Java does not want to be left behind, so it consistently phases out its outdated functionalities and focuses on developing modern solutions for new frameworks, cloud computing, big data, AI, and more.

If you want a bright future, stay in touch with what the Java community offers and broaden your knowledge of the latest Java technologies. The Internet is full of reliable free resources that can give you the theoretical basis to practice further. But if you’re in the market for a new application built in line with the latest trends in Java development, do not hesitate and contact us. With Scalo, you can rest assured that our expert Java developers are always up-to-date with all the most recent tools of their trade.

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