Is Java still relevant in 2023?

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Platform independence is certainly one of the reasons why Java is so popular among programmers. As long as the computer has a Java Runtime Environment (JRE) installed on it, you can run any Java program flawlessly.

Why Java is so Popular Programming Language?

Even though Java was developed more than 26 years ago, it is still among the most widely used computer languages. This article will give a general summary of Java’s development into the sophisticated system it is today and explain why it is still a popular development environment.

Java has been one of the most often used programming languages since it was first introduced in 1995. According to estimates, more than 12 million IT engineers use Java globally nowdays. Java is an open-source, object-oriented language that is widely used in coding applications for Windows, macOS, Linux, Unix, or other operating systems. Even though many new languages have been introduced, Java is still a popular preference for coders. Cross-platform compatibility and built-in security are some of the primary factors in its success. Any computer with a Java Runtime Environment (JRE) installed can run Java programs.

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Java Popularity in 2022

The following trends will help you understand why Java is still a popular language. Some of the latest Java trends that are revolutionizing software development include:


DevOps is the latest software development trend that will continue to rule the industry in 2023. A set of practices that integrate development and operations to optimize the efficiency of the software delivery process.

Due to the large ecosystem of languages and robust tooling support, DevOps suits well to Java applications. Moreover, microservices and containers have the deployment and management of apps easier in a DevOps environment.

Cloud Apps

With more and more digitalization, Cloud platforms are gaining traction due to which Java is becoming popular. The Cloud gives you access to scalable and pay-as-you-go subscriptions so it’s easy to host Java applications without much resource requirement.

Cloud platforms such as Google Cloud or Amazon Web Services offer a number of advantages that you can use to develop, deploy, and manage Java applications. With the increasing adoption of Cloud platforms, you can expect more competitive Java apps.

VS Code Adoption

Earlier, the developers used to struggle with bulky IDEs as they were complex to configure and slow to initiate the development process. With the introduction of Visual Studio Code editor, developers gain quick access to extensive plugins, debugging tools, and more.

Java developers have shifted to utilize the advanced features of the VS Code editor. It has become a popular choice for developers and programmers due to the ease and convenience it offers. Due to its efficient and speedy coding capabilities, it will soon become a go-to IDE for Java coding.

Why is Java Still Used?

Java is easy to learn and simple to code, and these are the two fundamental reasons why programmers still use Java. Being customizable and trusted programming language that is popularly known to transform the software development industry.

Powered by comprehensive tools, libraries, and frameworks, Java allows developers to create high-quality, independent programs. Java continues to be a widely used programming language due to its features, capabilities, and scalability.

What is Java Used For?

Java is a popular and in-demand programming language that has changed the software industry with its performance and scalability features. Here are some Java use cases that will give you an in-depth understanding of the uses of the language.

Software Developer

Web-based Apps

The server-side programming language is used extensively for developing web applications. Some of the most popular Java frameworks are Struts, Spring, apache, Hibernate, and more.

Video Games

Java is an ideal choice if someone is looking to develop intuitive graphics and high-end games from scratch. Developers can use a wide range of libraries and frameworks including OpenGL and LibGDX.

Internet of Things

Since Java is platform-agonistic, it is a great option for developing apps that keep IoT devices and touchpoints functional. Due to its faster performance, Java is used in automotive navigation systems, embedded electronics, medical gadgets, and more.

Desktop Applications

Java is considered competitive for developing graphical user interfaces for premium desktop applications. With the frameworks like JavaFX, Swing, AWT, Griffon, etc. GUI development becomes easy and straightforward.

Mobile Applications

Android is one of the most popularly used operating systems and Java is the base of most apps you use on your phone and tablet. Using Android Studio, the official IDE for developing mobile apps in Java, developers can code complex applications faster.

Big Data

When it comes to big data platforms and technologies, programmers prefer Java to any other language. The reason could be the availability of robust frameworks and tools like Hadoop, wide community support, and convenience of use.

Companies That Use Java

A number of tech and non-tech giants use Java in their tech stack for developing high-grade mobile applications and technologies. Some of these companies are:

A number of tech and non-tech giants use Java in their tech stack for developing high-grade mobile applications and technologies. Some of these companies are:

  • Google Android. Google Android and Google TV applications are coded extensively in Java. So, when you are watching content via an app, Java is at the core of its functioning.
  • Netflix. Netflix is one of the largest and best-known entertainment companies based in the United States. The company allows viewers to watch television series and movies on demand.
  • NASA. NASA’s Word Wind is developed using Java programming language that allows the creation of a 3-dimensional virtual globe to display geographical data.
  • Spotify. The popular music streaming service makes use of Java programming language to develop its web application that allows stabilizing and transferring data.
  • Minecraft. Minecraft is a well-known computer game played by millions of users worldwide. The base coding language for developing this popular game is Java.

Is JAVA Good Choice for Your Next Development Project?

Java is a timeless programming language that programmers prefer due to the benefits it offers from the development to the deployment phase. Since Java is a platform-independent language, you can consider it for developing your next mobile or web application.

Java apps work on all operating systems alike, so it gives you access to a wider audience. With a large audience base, you get more downloads and earn more profit. So, profitability is another reason that makes Java an ideal pick for your mobile app development project. Java development services offered by reliable software development company such as Scalo, might be your go-to solution for efficiently scaling your business. 

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